Lose Those Visible Panty Lines

Full disclosure: I have a phobia of visible panty lines (VPLs). I can’t help but cringe when I find myself passing by a striking set of them. Their offensive nature stems from a notion that the wearer doesn’t have a knack for details and doesn’t see the value in looking seamless. Though the outcome of exhibiting panty lines is catastrophic, the rules to avoid them are simple and straightforward: (1) if you can see them it’s bad and (2) if you don’t see them it’s good—see, I wasn’t kidding. Once this understanding is established, one must gain an education about what panties can be worn with which lower garments. The beauty is that one doesn’t have to limit the styles of panties they want to wear—bring out the bootie shorts or high-waisted bottoms—rather, they must recognize the appropriate outfits to wear them with. See our guidelines for panty line-less summer days.

To start, outline the four major categories of garment proportions in your wardrobe. Once each section is designated we can pair panties accordingly.


Category 1: Body-hugging garments: Pencil skirts and pleather shorts

If you’re going to wear anything moderately tight, please opt for a thong (or a G-string, depending on your preference). Now that it’s the 21st century and there is an abundance of thong options, not choosing them because of comfort isn’t a valid reason. With the thong, one can freely wear more snug clothes without any insecurity. This way, one can retain a smooth, clean appearance that suggests you understand the struggles of fashion and can accommodate aptly. People want to see your outfit in its entirety and attention-grabbing creases will stand in the way of it—faux pas focal points aren’t fun.

Victoria's Secret "The Lacie" Thong Panty

Category 2: Slim-fitting garments: Skinny ankle pants and shift dresses

People often have the most difficult time nailing the panty line-free look with slim-fitting bottoms. It’s challenging to decide whether the outfit needs a thong or can carry underwear of more substance. The answer depends on the context of what you’re wearing—big surprise. The two main variables that will influence your decision are fabric and colour. If fabric is thick and/or colour is dark, it may allow for a brief or bikini. However, if fabric is light and/or colour is bright—cue the season of summer—we advise a thong. Don’t risk VPLs because of a low-on-clean-laundry situation. If you only have a few in your panty drawer, make the effort to go out and buy more. Fact: you can never have enough.

Victoria's Secret No-Show Sexy Bikini Panty

Category 3: Loose-fitting garments: A-line skirts and boyfriend jeans

Loose-fitting lower garments have the greatest range of panty versatility. Technically, one could wear almost any type of undergarment she chooses. We suggest a simple bootie short or bikini, especially for skirts or dresses—protection against bum flashes. If you’re really sartorially adventurous, sport boxer briefs with your boyfriend jeans—the ultimate boyfriend borrow. Thanks to the large volume of loose-fitting silhouettes, lines won’t show up and you can feel confident in going beyond the basics beneath your threads.

Victoria's Secret Seamless Little-High Leg Briefs

Category 4: Silk: Silk pants or slips

Silk is a wild card. Why? Because no matter the proportion of the silk garment—it could be the widest leg trousers you’d ever come across—thongs are critical. Sure at times onlookers will not be able to witness the panty lines, but as mentioned, taking a panty line risk is not a game worth playing. To be extra safe, try a laser-cut, seamless thong. Thank added technology for added mental security.

Victoria's Secret No-Show Sexy Thong Panty

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