Denim Updates for Winter

Whether worn as bell-bottoms in the 70s, ripped and faded in the 90s or in jumpsuit form today, denim is essential to anyone’s wardrobe, and with older influences rearing their heads on the racks of thrift stores and in recent collections, it’s safe to say denim isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But how do you make it through fall and winter without adopting the Canadian tuxedo? Worry not, fashion fans: we’ve got you covered.

If jeans have been a staple of closets since their debut in 1873, it’s safe to assume that everyone’s tried-and-true bottoms are here to stay. And like the years before it, jeans “ particularly this season’s skinnies and jeggings “ are the perfect piece to tie outfits together and to keep legs warmed, working with boots, coats and sweaters to add personality and flair to anyone’s ensemble. But just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t have fun: coloured and patterned denim is in full swing, so if you’re playing it safe with neutral coats and tops, take a risk with some playful bottoms.

You may think denim on denim is the eternal fashion faux-pas, but in truth, you’re only half right. While wearing blue jeans and a standard jean jacket is usually only done by 50s greasers and Bruce Springsteen, pairing coloured denim with a traditional wash ensures you don’t like you’ve taken the 80s to a new extreme. Worn with a hoodie or a sweater underneath, a denim jacket can be the perfect solution for those nights when you want to stay relatively dressed down, and worn with enough layers (make sure you don’t get one that’s too small), you can wear it until the mercury plummets.

Contrary to popular belief, shorts don’t need to be kyboshed simply due to plummeting temperatures. Worn with textured tights, lace-up ankle boots and a button-up blouse, you’re simply embracing the season’s love of multi-dimension since fashion merely works as a tapestry of styles, patterns and influences. If you’re concerned about warmth, simply opt for thicker tights and a substantial cardigan, and paired with a hat, scarf and mittens, you’ll feel just as comfortable as you would in jeggings or normal jeans.

The high point of late 20th century casual wear, denim button-ups varied from oversize (and worn with leggings) to well-fitted and adorned with country inspired embroidery, always complemented by tapered jeans or knitted vests to pull everything together. However, while the 90s have returned in their denim-loving glory, we’ve come a long way from the days of northern-themed aesthetics. Paired with dark jeggings, leggings or black cigarette pants, a loose-fitting denim shirt is the answer to effortless casual wear, while worn open with a tank and high-rise shorts (and textured tights), you’re sure to uphold denim’s classic qualities.

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