Best Under Rated Vintage Stores in Vancouver

Why spend a ton of money on new summer clothes? Save that for road trips and patio cocktails, we say. Second hand goodies are easier on the wallet and add character to your wardrobe – age old charm, one of a kind guarentee, style with a story behind it. Don't have time to scour through picked-over merch? Stop by any of these under rated gems in Vancouver, British Columbia, for a selection that won't gouge you for time or money.

Best Vintage Shops in Vancouver:

Lazy Susans (3647 Main Street)

For accessories lovers, Lazy Susan's is a treasure trove for off beat pieces that really add character to an outfit. Think vintage cigarette cases, cufflinks, and curious hairclips. They've also got vintage patterns and peices of reclaimed fabric if you're into making your own stuff. They do eccentric well here.

The Salvation Army (2714 W Broadway)

Like Value Village, some Salvation Army locations are better from selection than others. This location always seems to have a fresh and interesting mix. With a big selection of women's clothes, scarves, bags, and jackets for super cheap, don't miss this place if you're in the mood for a bit of sifting. .

Valley of the Dolls Clothing Boutique (4332 Main St.)

If you're a dress collector or a fan of Madmen style, you'll love Valley of the Dolls. This spacious, fashion forward boutique on a strip of SoMa (also home to many high end vintage stores) is owned by Avril Tair, owner of Libertine, 330 West Cordova. The store carries LA labels like Bobi, Umi and Voom and local indie ones, all presented with care, like an art gallery.

Aunt Leah's Urban Thrift (177 East Broadway)

This thrift store and training space (they provide secure housing and life training programs for teen moms and foster kids) takes community donations of clothes, records, jewelry and presents them artfully in their space. It'll get your creative wheels turning. Aunt Leah's doesn't have piles upon piles of stuff, but they're so under the radar that their organized selection of clothing and jewelry is quality.

Delux Junk (310 Cordova St. W)

Well organized, clean, and really fun to window shop around, Delux Junk is well laid out and boasts a huge selection. They've aquired a devoted following over the years, but the stock is in good shape and not picked over. Expect some brands like Smart Set and H&M, and a stellar mix of whimsical clothes and jewelry from past eras – 20's ad 40's style. 

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