A Comprehensive Guide to Dressing Like The Olsens

Curating a wardrobe like the Olsens is amongst top life goals like travelling the world and getting Victoria’s Secret abs. To say that the dynamic duo have perfected their personal style is as obvious as stating that Kim Kardashian has perfected the selfie. Somehow, we can’t get over their relaxed approach to fashion that’s somewhere between I woke up like this and Bow down bitches. If like us, you too are mesmerized by the Olsens’ scarf-draping skills and mastery over menswear, then look no further. Read on for the only guide you’ll need to be mistaken for a long lost Olsen triplet.

Go Back to Black
The Olsens took a page out of Coco Chanel’s rule book, and you should too. No matter the season or occasion, black is a girl’s best friend.


Go Big or Go Home
The world has never really been the same since the Olsens spearheaded the oversizing revolution. Thanks to them, we can now eat our weight in burritos without the impending fear of having our food baby mistaken for an actual baby. Although the oversized rule ups the chic factor on practically any piece of clothing, beware of fit. Opt for clothing with an oversized silhouette as opposed to sizing up, the goal is to look effortless, yet polished, not effortless and sartorially challenged.

mary kate olsen

Borrow From The Boys
Nothing says fashion maven quite like a great menswear look. Add a menswear inspired staple to your daytime look, or swap your cocktail dress for a tailored suit at your next party.

olsen twins

Layering is Caring
The idea of wearing a hideous black parka for the entirety of the winter months is nothing short of horrifying. Thankfully, the Olsens have shown us time and again that layering is cool and that chic is synonymous to bundling up in a coat that’s twice our size.

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Raid Your Grandma’s Closet
Remember back in 2004 when Britney was Mrs. Federline and the the Olsens were called bag ladies? It was a simpler time, but more importantly, it was the beginning of the Granny Chic movement which eventually evolved into The Row. Since Granny Chic calls for covering up, place a strong emphasis on fit, and be modern with your accessories.

olsen twins red carpet

Be Shady
The Olsens are arguably the only human beings on the planet who are actually cool enough to pull of sunglasses indoors. That being said, we don’t recommend you try this unless you are, in fact an Olsen. Instead, opt for round, retro inspired sunglasses that could have you mistaken for a celebrity.

mary kate and ashley

Ditch The Heels
Despite their hobbit-like height, the Olsens aren’t afraid of wearing flats, even on red carpets, and we love them for it. Ditch your heels next time you go out dancing, believe us, it’s liberating.

olsen twins in flats


Minimalism cannot be mentioned without the Olsens in the same breath. We’ll go as far as saying they are physical manifestations of the actual word as proven by their ability to look chic even with wet hair and minimal makeup (what?). Keep things simple with structured basics and an accessory-free look.


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