5 TV Shows You Need to Binge Watch this Weekend

With most shows on summer hiatuses, or worse, the dreaded one year hiatus (why Game of Thrones, WHY?!!), it gives avid TV show watchers like us, extra time to catch up on other shows we haven’t been able to check out yet. But being the busy bees that we are, having one free weekend is precious, so choosing the right show to binge watch is essential. So to help you pick the right one, we’ve hand picked five of the most talked about shows that you can realistically catch up on in two days.

So wear your favourite, most comfortable jammies, pop the popcorn and put on the Netflix, ladies. Here are five TV shows you need, want and gotta binge watch this weekend:

Masters of Sex

Hours of television: Middle of season 2, approximately 16 hours

What you'll need: An open mind.

This Showcase drama follows William Masters and Virginia Johnson, the real-life pioneers of sexology or the science of human sexuality. Set in the 1950’s, this research duo was way ahead in their time,  setting out to explore what others were too shy to even talk about: sex. From sexual taboos, female orgasm, and sexual attitudes – the pair dared to study it all while living in a uber conservative era. It’s an interesting look at how modern ideas of sex first came to take shape. And just in case it wasn’t obviously, yes there’s lots of sex.


Hours of television: 1 season, 16 hours

What you’ll need: Tiaras are mandatory. Wear all your finest jewels and drink your wine out of your finest crystal glass because ladies, you’re about to enter the French Court.

Now we've been obsessing over this show ever since it came out. The newest hit from CW is loosely (and I mean very loosely) based on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots and her quest to claim the throne.  It's a teen drama to it might not be Emmy-worthy but it will definitely turn into your newest guilty pleasures. It's been hailed the PG version of Game of Thrones and even has similar qualities as The Vampire Diaries. The plot features surprising twists and turns that will constantly have you guessing. Love, betrayal, power, and even a taste of the supernatural – this show is a lot more than your typical period drama.


Hours of television: 3 seasons, 16 hours

What you’ll need: A group of your closest girlfriends. The ones you share all your TMI deets with. Heck, make it a party. A weekend with you and your girls, watching Girls. Seems appropriate.

Girls follows the trials and tribulations of a group of girlfriends living in NYC. In some ways, it's the 21st century version of Sex and the City sans the Manolo Blahniks. From love, sex, relationships, and family dynamics – Girls explores just about everything.  We love this show for it’s great laugh out loud script and the way it relates to it’s young female audience. Or as Iggy Azalea would say, it’s realness. Just because these girls live in NYC, their lives are far from fab but that's okay because these girls go through it all together. Also Lena Dunham is pretty awesome, so there’s that.

Orphan Black

Hours of television: 2 seasons, 15 hours

What you’ll need: A genetic engineering textbook explaining how all this cloning business can be possible.

For Toronto viewers: We all love a good drinking game, right? Since they film a majority of Orphan Black in Toronto,  take a shot for every location/landmark you recognize during each episode.

Let me formally welcome you to the clone club. Orphan Black is one of the most underrated and underappreciated shows on television – plain and simple. The Emmy snubs are plain ludicrous. But the only way you’ll know that is if you watch this show, which stars Canadian badass Tatiana Maslany. Watch her play NINE different characters and all the drama that unfolds with having nine clones running around in one city.

Orange is the New Black

Hours of television: 2 seasons, 22 hours

What you’ll need: Your stuffed animal chicken and your favorite orange onesie.

This unlikely Netflix hit is based on the true story of Piper Kerman and her memoir, “Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison.” The series follows Piper Chapman on her year in prison after getting arrested for connection with a drug smuggler. What might sound like a serious prison drama is actually one of the funniest shows we’ve seen in a while. You will fall in love with all of the quirky, offbeat and divalicious prison inmates and you’ll absolutely drool over Officer Bennett. Oh yeah, and you better believe there’s a guy named Pornstache.


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