5 Fashion Lessons from Miley Cyrus

Love it or hate it- Miley Cyrus has serious pop presence. Her risky fashion choices are equal parts hit and miss, but her looks are definitely memorable and fresh. Lets breakdown the five fashion lessons we’ve learned, while “she’s just bein’ Miley”.

Combat boots: Good girl gone bad (and weird) is something that sets Miley apart from, well, Hannah Montana. Breaking the mold and wearing tough girl boots with super short shorts and crop tops is rock, punk and kinda awesome (because she doesn't care what we think!). Miley’s not about dressing to be pretty, it’s all about being fierce.

Cut off tees: Short cropped tops and sports bras are a Miley staple. Her punk rock look is a bit less ‘chic’ then Gwen Stefani’s former sports bra and track pants look in the early 90s, but Miley’s twerking it out for the revival of this fashion trend.

Miley Cyrus Cut-Off Shorts and Combat Boots

Short hair: Say what you want, but Miley’s bold decision to cut off her hair is a refreshing change in young Hollywood. It’s the polar opposite of Emma Watson or Carey Milligan’s elegant chic short hair, but Miley’s undercut is a strong middle finger to the expectations of the media and even her fans. It’s awesome, daring, and makes her memorable.

Shredded clothes: Cut up, distressed, and revealing. It’s all about shredding layers and showing some skin.  She can’t stop wearing – denim cut offs, shredded tanks, and peek-a-boo anything.

Confidence: Miley’s attitude and confidence are always the perfect accessory for her risky and sometimes scandalous outfits. She’s got an incredible body and she knows how to flaunt it. Whether or not it’s a ‘look’ you want to emulate, you’ve gotta admire her personality and willingness to bare it all.

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