5 Canadian Jewelry Companies We Love

Most of us can name a slew of Canadian fashion designers who have made a splash in the fashion world. We wear their clothes and keep track of what they’re sending down the runways. But what about accessories? We have just as many top-notch jewelry designers in Canada, so take note.

Here are a few jewelry companies and designers worth remembering:

Canadian jewelry

Foxy Originals: Founded by two Canadian girls (Jennifer Ger and Suzie Chemel) who met at Western University in Ontario, this is one proudly Canadian company “ but that doesn’t mean their geometric, fun and functional jewelry doesn’t appeal to people across the globe. Foxy pieces crop up on the arms, necks and ears of some of the world’s top celebs and when you see their collection, you can understand why. Best of all, Jennifer and Suzie price their pieces so they’re affordable for fashionistas on any budget.


Jenny Bird: She may have grown up in a small town in Ontario, but that doesn’t mean Jenny Bird can’t design top-notch jewelry coveted by style mavens in New York City. Everyday bracelets in a spectrum of colours, statement rings and beautiful hoop earrings “ she makes it all and we love her for it! Add a piece of Jenny’s work to your repertoire and everyone will notice right away.


Karen McClintock: Every piece designed by Karen McClintock is inspired by something beautiful. Whether it’s fashion, nature or a photograph, Karen’s work exhibits true beauty. She uses everything from sterling silver, semi-precious stones and Swarovski and Preciosa crystals to pearls and vintage coins to create jewelry that tells a story. She has a piece to match every outfit and every style.


Biko: If you’re looking for edgy, funky pieces to amp up your wardrobe, look no further than Biko’s latest collections. Designer Corrine Anestopoulos draws inspiration from heirlooms, travel and warm sunny days. She’s been designing jewelry her whole life and now describes her work as modern nostalgic. Each piece is hand-crafted in Toronto.


Reena Ahluwalia: Born in India and now based in Toronto, Reena Ahluwalia is an award-winning Canadian jewelry designer. She draws on her Indian heritage and jewelry’s many functions in India (symbolic, physical and conceptual) to create bold, powerful pieces that make strong statements. Each piece screams glitz and glam “ she even makes tiaras “ perfect for special occasions (or maybe to add to your wish-list!)

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