5 Apps that Make Your Life Easier

We live in the age of technology. We're super busy gals on the go. We're allll about simplifying life and making things easier. Well, guess what? There's an app for that. Several, actually. Sure, we're probably already addicted to our phones, but why not give your phone a little upgrade and save yourself some time with these five apps that will make your life just a teeny bit easier. 


This is an app to swear by if you need help simplifying your finances and keeping track of your spending. It allows you to connect all of your accounts (yes, even those pesky credit cards you got on a whim), loans, etc. and keeps track of how much you spend each month. You can modify your budgets and will get a friendly little alert when you've spent too much at Starbucks this month. Bonus: It even gives you a head's up when you've got a bill coming up so there's no reason to forget to pay it off. 


If your New Year's resolution was to learn a new language, this app might just be your first step. Choosing betwen French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Spanish, this app starts with the basics and helps you hit daily goals for practicing. Even 10 minutes a day keeps you on track and allows you to do various lessons, both written and spoken. You'll be a pro in no time and might even be able to justify that trip to Paris you've been planning in your head. 



If you're the kind of person who constantly finds themselves without a pen and paper when they need it most, this app is the one for you. Allowing you to make checklists, reminders, take notes and have full notebooks full of ideas, this app syncs with all of your devices so you can transfer your ideas from your phone to your tablet, to your computer. You'll never forget that grocery list or that brilliant story idea you had on the subway again. 

Key Ring

Key Ring app

Ever get to a store and get asked if you have their loyalty card, only to realize you took it out the last time you did a wallet purge? It happens to everyone. Key Ring allows you to connect all of your loyalty cards (even your library card if you're one of the rare breeds that still enjoys borrowing books) so that they're right at your fingertips whenever you need them. Just scan the barcodes on the back of your cards and voilé ! The best part is you can rid your wallet of ALL the loyalty cards since you'll always have them stored in your phone. 


If you've been struggling to lose weight or stay on track with your exercise and healthy eating, keeping track of everything will help the most. With a database of tons of foods to choose from, you'll have no problem logging in your daily meals and exercises and will help you keep motivated with little reminders when you skip a couple days in a row. You can change your calorie count depending on your current weight and how much you want to lose, plus seeing all of your food intake right in front of you will tell you that you probably don't need to eat the whole bag of potato chips. 

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