9 Canadian Style Bloggers to Follow  

As much as I love Chiara Ferragni there is something about her jet-setting, Coachella attending, size 0 life that I can’t really relate to. Chiara is a model, I am a real human, Chiara wears Balenciaga, I wear Urban Outfitters, and I mean, I just had to stop writing so that I could take a bite out of the chocolate birthday cake beside my desk, so you can understand how Chiara and I lead slightly different lifestyles. When I scroll through her photos I feel envious of her rather than inspired. But that’s not to say I dislike fashion bloggers altogether.

Thankfully Instagram has given rise to a wave of homegrown fashion bloggers that just get me. They go to the same cafes I do, they live through the same brutally cold Canadian winters, and one time I saw @TheFashionMedley eating a doughnut in Montreal. Sigh, Insta-stars, they’re just like us.

Because we’re always celebrating this great country of ours, we’ve assembled a list of our favourite Canadian style bloggers. These bloggers could just as easily be your super stylish cousin or best friend. They have all the trappings of famous fashion bloggers”they have great style, great pictures and great advice”but they manage to make fashion seem “unintimidating” and accessible.

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The August Diaries

What’s in my carry-on bag to SE Asia… (link in bio) ✈️

A photo posted by Jill Lansky (@theaugustdiaries) on

Jill is a West Coast girl with a modern and sophisticated style. She has recently moved out to Toronto, so these days you can catch her roaming around the 6ix in her signature grey and blue outfits. 

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    This is the sweetest write up ever! LOVE your feed back it means so much to me!

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    • Krys
    • July 14, 2016

    Thanks for including me 🙂
    xo Krys

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