Would You Let Your Groom Plan the Wedding?

You’re a modern woman. You have a career, a Zipcar membership and an apartment in the city. You took your time to find Mr. Right, and now that the ring’s on your finger and the wedding date is set, you’re ready to take the plunge.

Except for one thing: it’s your husband-to-be who’s more interested in researching caterers, choosing a venue and booking the DJ. Could you really let your groom plan the wedding?

Of course you could. And if the growing ranks of engaged and newly-married couples are any sign, many of you are more than willing to let your significant other steer the way when it comes to arranging your special (and usually stressful) day.

Toronto newlywed Jenna MacKay left most of the planning to her husband, Josh Goodbaum. “Getting married wasn’t a priority for me,” she says. “If it were left to me, we would have gone to a justice of the peace at City Hall. That’s if we got married at all. But it was important to Josh that we get married and have a wedding, and what he wanted was important to me. So we decided to do it, and he took care of most of the plans.” 
The most important thing, according to MacKay, is that you communicate with your fiancé©. What aspects of the wedding are important to you? And what’s important to him? After all, the day is about both the bride and the groom”and it should reflect that. MacKay wanted a small wedding, but Goodbaum had a large extended family to consider. So they compromised by holding a small cottage wedding with a few of their closest friends and immediate family, and having a larger dinner party for extended family and family friends one week before the ceremony. 
While Goodbaum did most of the footwork, he avoided becoming a Groomzilla by consulting MacKay along the way. “Never was I not part of the planning,” says Mackay.  “Josh talked to me about everything and we made decisions as a couple.” The result? A wedding that went off without a hitch”or hurt feelings.

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