What Type of Girlfriend Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Learn what type of girlfriend you are based on your zodiac sign:


You don’t jump into relationships fast. You have a very good judge of character and it is not until you completely trust someone that you’ll let your relationship move to the next step. Security is a big must-have for you, so you tend to go for partners who have their shit together. Your other-half may complain that you are not direct. For example, you’ll say you are fine when you are not. So, although it is hard for you to communicate your feelings, try your best to be as straight forward as you can. In the bedroom you are very sensual and like to take your time to enjoy every moment.


You are a hopeless romantic. You LOVE love and are very idealistic when it comes to relationships. That’s probably why you are always in relationships. Libras are rarely single! When it comes to issues or arguments you are very diplomatic and can talk through things quite easily. It takes a lot to really get you angry. When your relationship starts to get stale, take a few days to yourself. With you, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Sex with you is very romantic, like in the movies.


You are the type of girl every guy wants to bring home to mom. You are responsible, patient and very loyal. You are literal #wifeygoals! No one ever has to worry about you cheating. You’re not easily tempted. When it comes to the bedroom, you tend to take the lead and you can last alllll night. Your partner better have a lot of stamina because when it comes your sex drive, he’s going to need help keeping up.


You are the ultimate support system. If your partner is an athlete, you are front row centre at every game cheering him on. When it comes to arguments, you can be a little melodramatic. So, remember to pick and choose your battles otherwise you may scare potential partners away. Plus, you must be adored to be interested in someone. If he isn’t paying you enough compliments you are on to the next one. Sex with you is kinky!


Hold on tight because a relationship with you is quite the rollercoaster ride. You are insanely passionate, which has its pros and cons. You can go from feisty, to flirty, to completely silent in minutes. Scorpio women tend to hold important careers, so your partner needs to be okay with your busy schedule. Because your mood is always changing, you are easily misunderstood. So, finding someone who is loyal and patient is important. Sex with you is life-changing.


Everyone wants to date you. You are funny, smart, extremely generous and completely unique. But, it’s hard to hold you down, because you are all about your independence. When someone does finally get you to commit you are a fabulous girlfriend because you are so kind-hearted and romantic. You don’t had an aggressive temper and communication is easy for you. You are turned off easily by people who are too emotional. So you may want to avoid crybabies. Sex with you is fun and not too serious.


You are hard to get. In fact, unless someone checks off every box on your list, you are not dating them. You are the most logical sign on the zodiac, so when it comes to relationship issues, you solve problems like a pro. And in hard times you are always determined to make it through. Some people may say you are cold or detached, but that’s just because you are always thinking. You are actually quite passionate and sensitive when you peel back your layers. With you, sex gets better as time goes on.


Freedom is so crucial to you, so you are the most likely zodiac sign to opt-in to an open relationship. You love adventure, so if your partner is lazy, you’ll leave them in the dust. People fall in love with you quickly because you are extremely charismatic and have the best sense of humour. Plus, it’s never hard to read you because you are very expressive and always say what is on your mind. You are the one-night-stand queen, so when it comes to having sex in a relationship you’ll want to keep it exciting to stay interested.


You are the sweetest and most devoted girlfriend. You are extremely selfless and are very in tune with your partner’s needs. But, be careful that you don’t get taken advantage of. Your partner should be just as giving as you are. When it comes to relationship issues, always trust your gut. You are the most psychic of all the astrological signs. Sex with you is spiritual.


You are quick to put partners in the friend zone as you are not overly romantic. But, when you find someone that challenges you, that’s why you fall head over heels. You need someone who is just as witty and intelligent as you are. Watch your jealousy! You don’t like seeing your guy with anyone else and that may cause some issues. Which is interesting because you are the sign that’s most likely to have a secret lover. When it comes to sex, you are not shy to try new things.


You are a ride-or-die type of girlfriend. You are the most loyal of the bunch and can always be counted on. Your idea of a perfect date is Netflix and chill, as you are bit too lazy to plan anything over the top. You also get your feelings hurt quite easily and bundle everything up inside. Try your best to communicate with your partner to avoid butting heads. But, when it comes to the bedroom, your foreplay techniques are out of this world.


You are very independent so you don’t feel like you NEED to be in a relationship, which helps you avoid any unnecessary hookups. But, when you do find that special someone you are a blast to be with. Sex is hot and passionate, and dates are fun and exciting. But, because everything always about you, and what YOU want, you may have trouble fulfilling your partner’s need. Be mindful of that and do your best to make sure they feel appreciated and loved.

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