Was it a Summer Fling or the Real Thing?

Days have been spent holding hands on the beach and nights have been danced away under sunsets but as the warm weather fades into fall, we often fall out of our own romantic heat wave. Whether you met on the coast of Spain or reaching for the same gardening tool at Home Depot, there is something about the sweet smell of summer that sparks the Don Juan in all of us. Here are 3 tips to determine if you should keep your summer catch or throw it back into the ocean:

Background Information

If he wants you in his life and not just in his summer, he will talk about home. This could mean family, friends, where he grew up, etc. Positive or negative, he should open up about his past. This is a pretty good rule for all relationships. Being introduced to family and friends is obviously lot more difficult if you met abroad, but if he talked about his family enough that you felt like you knew them-that’s just as important.

The Long-Distance Talk

If you met on vacation or vice versa, you’re likely to be from different sides of the world. Avoiding the conversation is a natural reaction to not wanting to face reality, however ignoring the issue all together may be an apathetic response to the relationship. There are bigger things in this world than oceans that keep people apart so if you really want to be together, don’t let that be an obstacle you can’t overcome. It just might become that epic romantic adventure you have waited for your whole life.

Just Sex?

Did your mouths do any talking or just long lip locking? There is nothing wrong with enjoying a sexy summer fling built on immediate passion and chemistry, but if you want it to last beyond Labour Day you better find a deeper connection. If he keeps inviting you over after midnight or to the same private park, try to suggest something that includes both of your interests-and if you don’t know what they are, start asking.  

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    Who’s the chick in the photo?
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    Who’s the chick in the photo?

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