Single During the Holidays? Don’t Fret!

While being alone during the holidays may be a depressing thought, there’s no need to be so down about it. Instead of picturing yourself swilling champagne alone at midnight on New Year’s Eve, or filling your own stocking with gifts from the dollar store, take a few moments to revel in all the joy being single for the holidays can bring. For example “

No boyfriend gifts to buy
Just think “ you’re saving money, and all that time agonizing over the perfect gift, as well as the anxiety if wondering (a) if he likes it and (b) if he’s either going to have spent way more or way less. Why not take that cash and treat yourself to a day at the spa!

Kissing under the mistletoe
You can exchange kisses under the mistletoe with anyone you want during this holiday season. When you’re single, there’s no need to worry about jealous boyfriends or hurt feelings.  Take some time to flirt, and take advantage of the holiday season party whirlwind by using it to meet new people (i.e. guys.)

Time with the girls
Now you can plan a rocking New Year’s Eve party (or just attend one) with all your girlfriends, no guilt attached. When was the last time you had a girls’ night out? Especially with your single friends, who are probably way more fun. Avoid attending a lot of couples’ parties this holiday season, since this may make you feel a little blue during your single season.

Ditto on the family time
Okay, maybe this doesn’t seem like a good thing at first. But when you’re single you can spend more time during the holidays with your own family, not his, and may even rediscover how much you enjoy hanging out with siblings, cousins, or even (gasp) your parents.

Get away
If you really can’t stand the thought of being single during the holidays, why not try getting away from it all, literally? Even if you can’t afford a luxurious single’s cruise or vacation, maybe you can take a less expensive trip to a local vacation spot, a fancy hotel, or even turn a girls’ night into a girls’ weekend in the city this holiday season. Take advantage of your single status!

Decorate any way you want
Dig out your Santa collection, decorate your Christmas tree with only silver ornaments, celebrate the holidays your way. Want to make your house rival the Griswolds’ in Christmas Vacation? Go for it, baby! On the flip side, if he was a decorating fiend and you prefer just a small tree, this single holiday season is the time to decorate your own way.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Or peanuts. Or tortilla chips. If you’re single during the holidays, take the time to make or enjoy your favorite foods, especially things your last guy couldn’t stand. If you haven’t had a brownie with walnuts due to your ex-boyfriend’s allergies, or a glass of Chardonnay because he didn’t like it, add these treats to your holiday season celebrations.

Donate some time
Nothing will make you feel better about the holiday season than helping those who are less fortunate enjoy the season as well.  Look into donating toys to children, or visiting the elderly, or even collecting warm clothing for homeless shelters during the holidays. After all, isn’t that what the holiday season is all about?

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