Single in the City

Sometimes, just sometimes, a girl simply needs a night out with all her most fabulous friends. And no, we’re not talking about those nights when you and your ladies are out on the prowl, we are talking about those nights when you just want to have some plain ol’ fashioned girl time with your single friends! No pressure, no men, just fun! And here’s five ways to make it happen!

Ice skating
Grab a few hot chocolates to go and then lace up those skates and head out for some serious ice time with your girls. Aim to go during down time so that you can have the ice to yourself and show off all your stellar figure-skating tricks or face off in a heated one-on-one dance-off that is guaranteed to garner you all a lot of laughs and memories.

Wine-tasting course
Who doesn’t love to share a couple bottles of vino with their girls? Book you and your favorite ladies in for multi-week wine-tasting course that will teach you the ins and outs of all the best wines over a number of classes. Use your skills to host your very own wine night after you’ve all graduated from the course!

Trivia night
Most bars in any major city now offer up a trivia night at least once or twice a week. Find out what night your local pub holds there’s and invite all your girlie friends for an evening of challenging fun. Break off into two teams and see who can come out as the ladies on top and the ultimate trivia gurus!

Cooking class
Never hurts for a single girl to have the skills to cook a good meal for herself, right? Look into cooking classes in your area and then get you and your gals signed up to learn all the tips and tricks to make the perfect dish. Then, in the weeks following, rotate houses and have each of you make one meal you learned for all of the girls. Shared learning!

Dinner and a movie
Sure, it might seem a little plain and simple but dinner and a movie shouldn’t just be reserved for date nights. There is almost always some good chick flick playing on the big screen so round up your girls, grab some dinner and a few cocktails and then hit the theatres for a good ol’ giggle fest while you all drool over the hunky lead actor. 

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