Should You Bring Him Home for the Holidays?

It’s the one holiday of the year that so many people in new relationships dread — Christmas. There is a ton of pressure around whether or not you should bring him home to meet the family. Well wonder no more, we have all the answers for when it’s right to bring your guy home for the holidays.

You’ve told your family about him

Rule number one: If you haven’t even told your parents about him, you should probably skip bringing home your surprise boyfriend this year. Or at least forewarn them.

You’ve established your relationship

If you’re still unsure of exactly what your relationship is or where it is headed than even asking your dude if he wants to come home to meet the family can cause undue tensions. Unless you are explicitly sure that he will be around for a while, let him sit this one out.

You know he’s got manners

If you can’t guarantee that he isn’t going to belch like a 300lbs trucker in the middle of dinner, than the time to test that isn’t at the table with your entire family. If his manners are less than stellar work on him and bring him home to mom and dad when he’s finally caught on.

You’ve introduced him to your friends

Your friends are always your buffer, don’t ever forget this. If you haven’t introduced him to your friends yet to get their opinion on him, then maybe wait until you’ve had their take before you bring him home to mom and dad.

You love him¦and you’re sure he feels the same

Yes, yes, and yes. Even if you haven’t outwardly expressed these feelings to one another, if you are head over heels for this guy and you strongly suspect he feels the same then you should most definitely bring him home. Nothing brings more holiday shine than a couple in love, revel in it!

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