Signs He May Be ‘The One’

It’s official – you are in a long-term relationship. Your dates last more than four hours, he’s taken you to meet his parents more than once and you’ve developed play names for one another that he’s not afraid to say in public or around his friends. So why is this great feeling of knowing that you’ve finally found ˜the one’ you’ve been looking for suddenly make you question if he really is the one? Here are four major signs that will help you use your heart and mind to find out if your guy is the one for you.

1) He Listens
There is nothing more important than communication – it is one of the number one things needed for a successful relationship. So if your man actually listens to what you have to say, even during the televised MMA fight, chances are you can count on him to listen to you in any situation. This doesn’t mean that you’re constantly expecting him to listen to a 2-hour recap of your day at work, but you know that if you need a lending ear, he’ll be there for you.

2) His Actions Speak Louder Than his Words – Much Louder
So he says he loves you and can’t dream of being with anyone else besides you. Do this make him the one? Maybe, it’s a start. But these are also just words “words that can be, unfortunately, taken back. If you want to know if your guy is the one look at his physical actions. This can be as simple as calling you every night just to say goodnight or picking up your favorite popcorn at the grocery store. For men, these little actions are major ways to show just how important you are to them.

3) He is There During the Bad times and the Worst Times 
We all go through this “ a period of time, sometimes a day, week or month, where everything that could possibly go wrong happens all at once. A bad hair day, a bad workday or just a mini-quarter life crisis. If he is there from the beginning for whatever situation you know that you can trust and rely on him not to escape because you are having problems in your life. The one for you will know that even though you try to make everything in your life perfect, you will have down days and he’ll love you just the same no matter what your going through.

4) He Accepts the Real You
This is probably the most important thing when it comes to figuring out if your guy is the one for you. It is the number one way to make sure that your guy can devout and commit to you even when it doesn’t look like you just walked out of a Victoria Secret ad. You should be able to take off your mascara, change into your sweats and be comfortable doing your hysterical hyena laugh around him. It sounds a little selfish to expect all this, but hey if he’s the one for you, then he’ll understand you and accept you for the way you are “ no questions asked.

Of course these four signs aren’t the only signs to prove if he is the one for you, but they’re definitely a good place to start when the potential of labeling him as the one gets you too blurred mind to think clearly. It’s important to be confident and trust your instincts on how you feel about him.

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