Selena Gomez & The Weeknd’s Split & The Social Media Fallout

After 10-months of cute-couple PDA pics, a whirlwind romance and a plethora of #couplegoals hashtags, (and that night at the MET ball) Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are reportedly no more. The couple are said to have called it quits due to their conflicting travel schedules, according to People Magazine.

As news of their alleged split broke, fans were quick to note that The Weeknd unfollowed a handful of her friends and family. And while that may sound petty and/or callous, (and everyone seems to be ganging up on Abel), it’s truly the first step we should all take when trying to cope with a break up.

Now, an A-List break up announcement is pretty standard when it comes to the news cycle, and it’s all speculation at this point until we get an official announcement from either of their reps, but what makes this all the more dramatic, is that their reported split comes just days after a plethora of pics were posted online of Selena and her ex Justin Bieber hanging out.

When I first saw TMZ post about the Jelena reunion yesterday, (after they ran a story about them hanging out the week prior too), I didn’t really think anything of it, because the two were seen out and about in plain sight, not doing anything romantic. They are said to have gone to a Sunday morning church service together and out to grab a juice, and then later that evening his car was spotted on her driveway and surely if they were trying to hide something, it all wouldn’t be so obvious. So public. So in your face. And when TMZ posted about their Sunday get-together, they said that The Weeknd knew about them hanging out and was okay with it. Now it all gets a little more murky thanks to the now rumoured break up and Abel unfollowing her fam. But that aside, unpopular opinion: I’m down with the Jelena hangs, given what we know so far.

With The Biebs cancelling his “Purpose” tour to take time for himself, I see this as a once-lover-now-friend who is here to help him during a rough time and vice versa. Selena just spoke to TODAY for an exclusive interview about writing a will before her kidney transplant and how she thought she was going to die. The truth is, we are so quick to peg former flames as nothing but ghosts of great loves past (Halloween! Ghosts! See what I did there?), yet in time, an ex who you shared years and intimacies and vulnerabilities with can act as a confidant. Other media outlets are focusing on what The Weeknd must think or how it doesn’t look good for him, but I think it’s a testament to the good heart Selena has. And Bieber too, at that.

If the intention of either Selena or Justin is to get back together, then, full disclosure: I’m not supportive of their reunion. I don’t think it’s healthy to get back together with someone after a long-ago break up (even if they have “changed” as Bieber purports to be), especially a relationship that was very on and off, and that those closest to Selena weren’t supportive of. It’s easy when going through a split to fall back into things with someone else, but rarely is it for the right reasons. That said, if they are both going through emotional turmoil and need someone to lean on and maintain healthy boundaries, then all the power to them for taking care of themselves.

So, is this questionable behaviour or not? 

The Weeknd just tweeted last week that his tour is almost over and yet People reported that he and Selena allegedly split up because he’s travelling for his tour and she’s filming in NYC. I think that it’s so easy to read into posts and likes on social media. So Abel unfollowed people. Let him do what he’s got to do. I’d say it would be stranger if he didn’t unfollow them. I mean, we saw this back in January when his ex Bella Hadid unfollowed him and Selena after news broke of their couplehood. I get the unfollowing and I’m here for it and if you are still following an ex, use this as motivation to rip the band-aid/pull the cord.

Bottom line: We fall so hard for break up stories because we want to figure out what went wrong so we can learn from it. But I have a feeling things will unfold in the coming days. Time will tell, as it always does.



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