Relationship Lessons to Take from Will and Kate

It’s been almost 30 years since a royal wedding like this, and Will and Kate’s big day is only weeks away. But before there were sapphire rings and receptions to plan, there was a long courtship. Prince William took his time on this one, and along the way, they created a relationship built to last. Here, our favourite Will and Kate love lessons that can be applied to any relationship.

Don’t neglect your dreams

Will went to the Royal Military Academy after graduating from St. Andrew’s University, while Kate began work as an accessories buyer for British clothing line Jigsaw. Her attendance at his graduation in December 2006 was the first time she’d been to an official royal event with the Queen as Will’s girlfriend.

Get away

The royal couple has always made time for vacations. They finally confirmed their relationship after being photographed on a ski trip together in Switzerland. They’d be photographed kissing in public for the first time in the same place, two years later.

Another of their favourite destinations is Kenya. Will and Kate went on a holiday at a Kenya reserve a month after graduating from St. Andrew’s. The next time they were in Kenya together (in October 2010), William proposed.

Support each other

For better or for worse, indeed. William and Kate have always shown up for one another to important occasions in good times and bad. Kate’s been his date to weddings multiple times, such as his friend’s in 2005 and his stepsister, Laura Parker Bowles’s in 2006. She also attended his graduations from both the Royal Military College and the Royal Air Force.

Even during their brief breakup, Kate attended the Concert for Diana, which William and Harry organized and marked the 10th anniversary of their mother’s death.

Indulge in a little PDA

It took almost three years for the couple to be photographed kissing in public, though it wasn’t the last time. But their conservative approach to liplocking didn’t translate to a lack of public affection.

Any royal couple has to be well-behaved in public, but a few memorable Will and Kate PDA moments have snuck out over the years.

They’ve been photographed snuggling up in a rare hug on ski holiday, Will twirled Kate around the dance floor at his 26th birthday celebration and were all smiles while walking arm-in-arm from a polo match.

Take your time

The pair met in university in 2001 and were together for almost 10 years (excluding their brief breakup in 2007) before they got engaged. In the meantime, they supported each other’s separate paths, even when it meant time apart, found the time to keep the relationship strong and ultimately, got to know one another and their families.

Granted, it’s an exceptional case. William couldn’t be expected to (nor did he want to, as he said in an interview in 2004) get engaged to Middleton without a few tests and proper royal grooming first. But there’s a lesson to be learned there: if it’s really forever, there’s no rush.

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