Sportswear Reinvented for Spring

With fashion-forward sportswear sweeping the runways this season, workout gear has certainly evolved from the days of yoga pants and faded zip-up jackets. Here’s a look at a few athletic-inspired looks for spring 2011. This season, feminine meets sporty in a burst of fluorescent hues and nylon fabrics- and stilettos, of course!

Liquid leggings: While these may not be the best choice for your dance class due to their synthetic and tight-fitting nature, pleather leggings are chic and have somewhat of a gym-going vibe. Pair them with an oversized tee and ballet flats for a casual look. We’ve become more accustomed to seeing liquid leggings used as clubwear, or worn with party dresses and high heels. However, these are back, and this time, you’ll have a chance to wear them casually, perhaps with a chambray blouse.

Colourful tanks: Racerbanks in highlighter shades are all the rage for spring, whether they’re slightly oversized with a boyfriend fit for use over those pleather leggings, or tight and form-fitting to go with a skirt or use as a layering piece.

Glam sneakers: Most of us don’t consider sneakers to be very fashion-forward. They’re comfy, perfect for running errands, and go with your gym gear, but it’s difficult to pair them with a favourite outfit and have them look stylish. However, vintage inspired casual shoes with colourful touches and high-heeled sneakers, in keeping with the 1970s trends of the season, low-top classic Converse, and haute couture runners by well-known designers may be changing the face of fashionable footwear.

Racing stripes: Bold stripes on everything from handbags to T-shirts indicates that the competition is just really only just starting. While the look on a maxi dress might be overwhelming, sportive stripes are great on casual tops, or even high-waisted skirts.

Biker jackets: The quintessential leather jacket is a must-have in every female’s wardrobe once the warmer weather rolls around and it’s time to let go of the wool peacoat. A classic dark brown or black style with a feminine fit, detailed zippers, and side pockets is perfect. In addition to being a great piece of edgy outerwear, the biker-style leather or pleather bomber is also ideal for layering over cute spring dresses or lightweight tops and creating a style statement of its own.

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