Places He Takes You When It’s Serious

It’s so easy to misunderstand a guy’s intentions: So he takes you shopping, and to weddings as his plus one, and constantly invites you to watch him shoot hoops? Head’s up: None of those places mean he’s serious about your relationship: a) Guys will take any enthusiastic girl shopping, b) he’d rather battle sharks than face a wedding alone, and c) anyone willing to stroke his ego from the bleachers is always welcome.

But there are a few more meaningful places that not every Sarah, Katie and Jennifer has been before you:

1) Home
Nope, not the grungy two-bedroom apartment adorned with Scarface posters and Molson Canadian flags that he shares with that sketchy roommate, but his actual home base. If he wants you to see the town where he was born, where his parents maybe still live, and the high school whose trophy case still houses his baseball MVP award, it’s way more than just a fling.

2) Play
If a guys asks you to be his plus one for the once-in-a-lifetime reunion tour of his favourite band, or offers you the adjoining seat for a rare home game appearance by his favourite team, it’s serious. Him choosing you over one of his buddies is the guy equivalent of putting a ring on it. Hope you enjoy jumbotron proposals!

3) Work
Taking you out for apré¨s-work patio drinks with the people he spends 40 hrs of his waking hours with means he hopes you’ll stick around at least until the non-denominational winter holiday party. Showing you off to his colleagues is also big ‘back off’ to that girl who keeps trying to get him alone in the copy room, a sure sign that he wants to be exclusive.

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