How to Tell if You’re Leading Him On

Even if you hug all your friends when you see them, call everyone hunny or have a penchant for showing off your superior back massage skills whenever anyone is sitting in front of you, your male friend  may interpret your actions as signals that you’re into him. Here are some clues you may be sending the wrong vibe. 

You greet / say goodbye with hugs or kisses.
Your friend may perceive a casual hug as a touch me signal. Pay attention to your body language when you’re together. Do you touch him often? And when you do, does he touch you back? If he mimics your body language, he could be into you.

You see him as a rainy day buddy, but end up hanging out often.
Do you see this guy as a plan B when other plans fall through? Do you call him whenever you’re bored? If this happens too often, he’ll confuse the frequency of your contact as you pining to see him.

You talk about relationships problems.
When you tell a man about a problem, oftentimes his automatic response will be I should fix this or she wants me to fix this. This is a one difference in the way women and men think. Even if you’re genuinely just looking for a second opinion, broaching the topic of an unsatisfactory partner may be interpreted as a sign you need / want him to remedy this, perhaps by acting as your knight in shining armour.

You show him favouritism.
Whether you have a specific term of endearment for him, hang out with him more than others at parties, or have ever told him that he’s the only person you can stand talking on the phone with, he might think he’s more special to you than the rest of your pals, therefore, conclude you’re into him.

You let him get the bill.
Letting him pay for drinks or coffee is a symbolic gesture. Chances are, he’s not doing it because he just happens to be super generous. He’s doing it because he wants to impress you. Friends don’t usually treat friends to dinner at random.

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