How Not To Break Up Over the Holidays

Holidays can be a very stressful time of the year, between parties, family gatherings, outings with friends, and buying presents. Add in a relationship and sometimes that is all it takes to push your stress level clean over the edge. Studies have shown that as many as thirty percent of relationship breakups happen during the holidays. Looking for a way to avoid the big break up this holiday season? Try some of the tips below.

1) Keep expectations low: A holiday break up can sometimes occur when one party expects too much “ a season filled with nonstop excitement, expensive gifts, or lavish travel and entertainment. When the actual holidays fall short of one or the other’s expectations, fights and a possible break up may then follow. Expect to have fun and enjoy a warm, loving holiday season, but don’t expect a surprise cruise with fireworks spelling out your name. Then, if that actually happens, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

2) Set limits: Decide at the beginning of the holiday season how much you are going to spend on gifts for each other, how much time you are going to spend with each other’s family, friends, and co-workers, and agree you will not be attending each and every event either of you is invited to. Avoid a break up by making these decisions together and early on, avoiding later holiday squabbles over whose party is more important that night.

3) Be willing to compromise: If he’s always spent Christmas Eve with his grandparents and you’ve always spent New Year’s Eve with a night on the town with your sisters, you may need to be willing to compromise a little to avoid a holiday break up. Again, decide together what your friend and family priorities will be for each holiday event, and then be willing to compromise a little. Neither of you should expect the other to give up all holiday traditions for the sake of the other’s.  

4) Focus on each other: With so much time being spent on parties and getting together with family and friends, it will be important to remember to focus on each other as a couple as well. Plan out some alone time and some alone activities for the holiday season to avoid the holiday stress leading to a break up. Schedule a special evening out, or an evening stroll ending with hot chocolate, whatever activities the two of you enjoy that will allow you to be together.

Remember what the holidays are really all about.  Instead of being harried by sending cards, buying presents, attending parties, and other holiday activities, remember that the holidays are really about celebrating with those you love.

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