How to Know it’s Just a Summer Fling

Ah, summertime. Warm weather, days at the beach and breezy romances. The summer months can do wonders for dating lives as you move out of hibernation and find your spot on the patio for drinks after work or off to the cottage for the weekend with friends. But with a blossoming summer romances, how do you know if it’s just a seasonal fling or has long term potential?

Signs it’s a summer-time romance:

1. You’ve been seeing each other for a few months and while things have been going relatively fine, you aren’t ready to commit. In fact, you keep thinking of keeping your options open. And when the topic threatens to rear its head, you steer in the opposite direction, full steam ahead.

2. You haven’t really incorporated each other into the other’s lives. You haven’t met each others friends of families and have no plans to do so. In fact, you haven’t even gone so far as to try to match up schedules to coordinate time together. Sure sign that long-term relationship is not on the brain.

3. You don’t see each other regularly. And for that matter, you are a bit indifferent on when and what you to together. If there’s minimal effort to spend time together and you only do when you happen to both have some free time, then it has summer-time romance written all over it.

4. You’ve got a big commitment at the end of the summer. Or he does. Whether that means back to school, or an overseas job. Either way, time isn’t on your side right now and you know that a long distance romance isn’t for you.

While you never know what the future holds and when paths may cross again, the above are sure signs of a summer romance that may simply be a good memory of a fun summer experience.

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