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How to Get Over a Breakup – Fast

Five steps to help you stop moping and start moving on

We’ve all been there. Your relationship has ended and you’ve sunk into a pit filled with self-pity and Haagen-Dazs. The soundtrack to your life is sad songs and sobs, and you’re blowing off friends to look at old photos of happier times. But you can’t mope around forever, so here are some tips to get over a breakup “ fast.

Pamper yourself

One of the best things you can do after a break-up is treat yourself to the things you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be much “ a fresh blowout, a massage or dinner at your favourite resto. Doing something to brighten your look or relax your body will work wonders on your mood and keep the temptation to slump around in sweatpants at bay.

See your friends

Your BFFs will help keep you happily distracted so that you don’t spend (too many) late nights stalking your ex on Facebook. Stay in with a big bucket of popcorn and the sappy movie you’ve watched way too many times together or dress up for cocktails and dancing “ either way, it’s better than sending ‘baby come back’ texts.

Plan a holiday

Sometimes a change of scenery is necessary to gain perspective on a situation. A relaxing vacation someplace warm with a swim-up bar and attractive hotel staff is always good, but if you can’t afford to the take time or spend the money, something smaller scale will do just fine. Borrow a cottage for the weekend, visit friends in another city, or just book one night in a fancy hotel in town closest to you and spend the weekend watching video-on-demand and ordering room service.

Get moving

There’s never a better time to hit the gym than after a breakup. Keeping active will raise your endorphin levels and lower your stress-related cortisol levels. The benefit: you’ll feel happier and healthier “ and nothing says I’ve moved on like a hot body. Not a fan of the gym? A night out dancing will provide you with exercise and an opportunity to meet new people.

Try something new

Embrace this new phase of life with a new hobby. Join a book club, start rock climbing, enroll in a nightime cooking class or volunteer with a cause close to your heart. Having a new skill to focus on can increase your self-esteem, making something positive out of an sucky situation and putting you out there to meet new people.

Everyone has their own way of picking themselves up and moving on after a relationship ends. What’s your tried and true way to feel better after a breakup?

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2 responses to “How to Get Over a Breakup – Fast”

  1. what if the girl is the one who cheated after 20 years of marriage with his best friend how do you deal with the kids rejection.
  2. what if the girl is the one who cheated after 20 years of marriage with his best friend how do you deal with the kids rejection.

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