How to Deal With Low Libido

Let’s face it, even sexy girls like you aren’t always in the mood. You may come home from work completely wound-up and unable to focus, or maybe it’s one of those nights when all you feel like doing is curling up on the sofa with the remote control instead of him.

So what do you do when he’s feeling frisky and you just can’t face it? Learn to sidestep these common sex slumps with some new strategies.

You’re too tired
You could go to sleep before he does “ or at least pretend to. But consider this: tired as you may be, the naturally sedating effect of sex makes it the ideal pre-sleep activity. There’s no better way to clear your mind and relax the body after a long day. The hard part is convincing yourself to give it a shot “ just know that you’re guaranteed a good time and a sound sleep.

You’re not in the mood
Press your internal reset button. Take a long hot bath, sip a glass of cold wine while you’re soaking, and let your mind drift. Call up whatever images you need to take your mind to that happy place, and by the time you’re toweling yourself dry, your mood may have changed. Or, opt for the quickie. You’re not in the mood for a long, languishing love session, but what about five minutes? Challenge him to a time limit and you may suddenly find yourself in the mood as you both race to the finish.

You’re bored
It’s easy to get stuck in ruts with everything in life “ diet, exercise, clothing “ and your sex life is no exception. If your seduction routine has become just that, you know what to do. Change things up and experiment with elements the two of you have never tried  “ whether it’s lingerie, a sexy film, or a naked massage.

You don’t feel so hot
Women’s image problems are the worst mood killers “ too many of us let our body worries get in the way of our sex lives. If we are our own worst critics, then you can be sure of this: your guy doesn’t see your thighs, butt or stomach in the critical, crushing way you do. He’s honored to see you naked and isn’t at all conscious of the extra weight that’s bringing you down. In fact, the very body parts you mentally critique are likely the ones he covets.

You may need a healthy reminder
Stress, fatigue, body issues and boredom can certainly make for lowered sex drive, but so can depression, hormonal imbalance, certain medications, and other health issues. If you can’t seem to shake your disinterest in sex, you might need to investigate other culprits with your doctor.

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