Host a Super Bowl Party to Impress!

Even if you’re not a sports fan, Super Bowl parties can be a lot of fun. And while we’re not suggesting you channel June Cleaver, hosting a party for your guy and his friends will earn you major good-girlfriend points. Here are six steps for hosting a Super Bowl party to impress. Go team! 

1.    Make a guest list. Don’t just invite his guy friends. Extend invitations to their wives and girlfriends, as well as your single gal pals. (Who knows? Maybe your party will spark a future love connection.) Make sure to find out how many people will be coming so you can have enough food on hand, as well as the right kind of food. Ask your guests if they have any dietary restrictions and plan accordingly. A good hostess always ensures her guests are comfortable and well fed. 

2.    Plan your menu. A classic Super Bowl party menu should include chips, dips, chicken wings, chili and dessert. Go with the basics, but feel free to add in favourite dishes. For example, if your man’s best friend loves Rocky Road ice cream, make sure you have a half gallon on hand. And don’t forget to include a few lighter choices for anyone watching their waistline.

3.    Drink responsibly. There’s nothing wrong with asking guests to bring their own beer. You should have some on hand, of course, as well as a few other options like wine and mixed drinks”but most guys expect to bring a least a six-pack of their own brew to a Super Bowl party. Be aware of guests’ alcohol consumption. If you’re hosting a crowd that drinks a lot, have a key bowl on hand for guests that are driving. Ask them to throw their keys in the bowl at the beginning of the party”those who drink too much won’t get them back until the next day. Encourage guests to use taxis or public transit, or appoint designated drivers who can car pool to and from the party. 

4.    Decorate. If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party on your man’s behalf, you probably don’t need to go all out on fancy decorations. Your team’s banner and a few of the giant foam fingers might be all you need. Get your guy involved, too”ask him to hang the banner outside your garage, or tie a few balloons in your team’s colors to your mailbox. (This will help guests find your place if they haven’t been there before.) Paper plates and napkins in your team colors are also fun”and guarantee minimal clean-up post-party. 

5.    Create a welcoming space. Make sure you have plenty of comfortable seating in the television viewing area, as well as things like tray tables, paper towels and napkins, and maybe even card tables for putting out snacks. Move breakables to another room so that nothing gets knocked over when all the jumping and shouting begins, and consider protecting surfaces with tablecloths or runners”you can’t expect screaming fans to remember to use a coaster!

6.    Arrange other activities. If you know that some guests couldn’t care less about the game, set aside an area just for them. If you have an extra TV, set it up in your dining room for viewing other programs, and serve drinks and snacks there as well. Consider running a Sex and the City marathon, or TiVo episodes of the Real Housewives series in anticipation of the event. That way, guests can wander in and out to chat and check out what’s going on in the different rooms”and everyone will have a good time!


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