4 Modern Dating Rules That Need To Go

What would you do if I told you that the reason dating is so difficult these days is because you are making it that way? The modern rules for dating are just crazy and getting totally out of hand. And here is why four of them need to be completely dispelled.

The 15 minute rule

This rule makes daters believe that they should be able to tell if they would date this person or not within the first 15 minutes of their date. Um, what?! We’ve had crushes on people that have literally taken years to develop. Whoever made up this rule is probably totally lazy and one of those people who pretends to go to the bathroom and sneaks out the front door. AKA, the rudest people ever.

The three day rule

Sure, it’s not exactly modern but it still stands and OMG, this one makes us want to rip our hair out. Not only are we pretty sure this rule was created to drive both males and females completely nuts but it’s also completely ridiculous in today’s digitally-driven, always on generation. Here’s our opinion “ if you like someone don’t be a tool about it and just let them know. You never know how many other Tinder dates they can squeeze in between now and three days from now. You might miss out on your opportunity because someone else took theirs.

Don’t add them on social media

If you’re sitting around waiting for the dude you’ve been seeing to add you to Facebook or Instagram you’ll probably be waiting awhile. Guys are notoriously less attached to their social media than we are. But guess what? No matter how much your girlfriends convince you otherwise, we can promise guys won’t overthink it at all if you add them. And let’s be serious, everyone loves a good creeping session, no?

Acting like you don’t care

Like where did this one even come from? When did our dating culture become so a** backwards? It’s no wonder everyone keeps saying that dating is hard these days. Everyone is being told to act like they really don’t care about this other person who they might just happen to really like, even though, you know, they would never act like they do because if they show they care then, well, they lose at the battle of who can possibly appear like they care less because then, you know, if no one cares then no one gets hurt. Word to the wise kids, sure you might not get hurt if you pretend like you don’t care but guess what? You also won’t find happiness that way either. Duh.

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