Finding Love in 140 Characters or Less

Raise your hand if you have ever grabbed your phone from your purse, read a text from a crush, then turned to your friend and said: so what do you think he means by this? Ok, hands down.  In a world riddled with texts and tweets, we’re all obsessed with decoding what these short messages mean. Understanding the nuances in text talk can be like trying to solve a crossword puzzle. Here are ways to ensure you aren’t over-analyzing every emoticon.

Hit call, not send:
Yes, it’s that easy, and you ladies that communicate via text only, need to be told.  PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL. So scary right? Wrong. If it’s a new
romance you’ve gotta get used to the voice to voice contact. Save texting for one-off messages like “ on my way, you look hot, and home safe and sound. 

There’s nothing between the lines: 
It’s easier just to admit when you don’t get something than to spend time wondering what it means. If you are unsure as to what a person is saying “ admit defeat and write back to say I don’t get it.  If you both start to assume that you always get it – and are always wrong – you’re gonna end up at different bars, drinking alone.

Dial Tone: 
Forget about the tone and overanalyze it. Let the smiley faces and the LOLs indicate the jokes. If they aren’t there “ don’t immediately jump to a text being sarcastic or attempting to make fun “ ease into those and feel the “texter” out in person before making any decisions “ he could be lame and boring and that’s how his texts are intended to be. 

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