Earth Day Date Ideas

Helping the planet is important, and on April 22, we can all pitch in to save the environment. But if you are looking for a date idea or a way to bond with a new guy, pitching in together to save the Earth might elevate your friendship, while also giving your relationship good karma. Here are some cute ways to spend Earth Day with your significant other.

Catch a flick

If you are looking for a date idea on Earth Day, catch an environmental documentary, and afterwards, you can donate to the cause. It’s not much, but instead of just seeing a movie and taking in the social message, you can be proactive by financially supporting the initiative.

Plant a tree

Get involved with a local community group like TD Forests or Tree Canada and sign up to participate together in a tree planting day.  Or you can take the initiative to buy a few seedlings and plant them in your own backyard to beautify your space and the environment.

Visit a park

Spend Earth Day together by going on a spring hike in a Provincial or National Park. Explore the wilderness in your own backyard and have fun on an adventure together. It’s a great inexpensive staycation, and it will give you the opportunity to appreciate nature and each other's company.

Clean up

Pitch in on Earth Day to help clean up your community together. It can be a small gesture, but put on some gloves and pick up trash and recyclables from your local park. Afterwards, you can catch up over a light brunch at a place that serves local produce and meats.

Plant a vegetable garden

Eating local is a great way to help the environment and your health. Making your own little vegetable patch in your backyard is a great way to save at the grocery store, and grow heirloom tomatoes to elevate your salads into gourmet meals. Plan what size and type of patch would suit your yard best and make a visit to the hardware store. Elevated beds are the best way to avoid weeds, but they need some construction and set-up. Once you get your handy man to help you build the bed, line it with landscaping cloth, soil and another layer of landscaping cloth and thin layer of topsoil once again to avoid weeds. Plan what you would like to plant, from carrots to peppers and beans, check your growing season online and get dirty! In a few months, you and your guy will be enjoying your harvest. If you live in an apartment, pick up a terracotta strawberry planter, urn or hanging basket to plant strawberries, tomatoes and herbs to enjoy right on your balcony!

Pantry raid

Did you know that 40 per cent of food in the U.S. gets thrown out? It’s wasteful for your wallet and the planet. Make a point on Earth Day and every week to go through your fridge and pantry and organize what needs to be eaten, or frozen and stored for another time. If you went a little bit crazy on your last Costco shopping spree, donate any extra canned or non-perishable goods to your local food bank.


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