The Dos and Don’ts of Taking the High Road

We’ve all been there. It could be an outright insult, a cutthroat backstab, or just an offhand comment that gets misinterpreted. Whatever’s making your blood boil, it’s almost always better to just let it go. But taking the high road isn’t always easy when the low road’s paved with immoral rainbows and candy cane redemption. Here, dos and don’ts to help you through the virtuous ordeal.

With an ex:

DO laugh (albeit with pity) and be flattered. Anyone who would resort to low methods to bring you down clearly still has feelings for you. If anything, feel sorry for the poor schmuck. Even if he’s moved on, he’s obviously feeling pretty alone.

DON’T retaliate. No matter how tempting it may be to have erectile dysfunction samples sent to his office or place an escort ad for him on Craigslist with an STI disclaimer, you’d only be letting him win. He’s just trying to make you feel as low as he is.

With a frenemy:

DO keep it to yourself. You’ll look just as bad as she does if you turn into Snarky McBitch as soon as she turns her back. If what she’s saying isn’t enough to stick in your mind, chalk it up to an off-colour remark and let it slide.

DON’T be a doormat. You shouldn’t feel like you’re constantly letting things go. That frenemy’s only two letters away from becoming a burden, so if necessary, feel free to go Kanye on her ass: I’m really happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but I’m one of the best friends of all time for listening to your crap.

With someone you don’t know:

DO try to put yourself in their shoes. Is that woman who cut in front of you just to yell at the cashier balancing an armload of bags and a screaming toddler? Mentally singing My Favourite Things in a Schwarzenegger accent helps in avoiding destructive fantasies, too.

DON’T sing it out loud. You don’t want to be that girl. Trust me.

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