Decoding Love Myths

You’ve heard the phrases a thousand times in romantic movies, Greek mythology and ladies’ rooms. Universal concepts of life, love and sex that continue to shape the way we define our relationships. Read on to discover the three most common love myths and what you can learn from them.

“Love at first sight”
Cupid shot his arrows, Plato discussed soul mates, Antony saw Cleopatra and Kylie Minogue sang about it. But do you believe in love at first sight? Having spontaneously lustful feelings about someone is a healthy sign that you’re open-minded and enthusiastic about life’s little surprises. Sure, love needs trust and respect to grow from, but there is nothing wrong with believing in falling in love with someone’s smell, squint, smile or shoes at first sight¦even if it’s only for a second, or happens eight times a day.

“Sex isn’t everything”
Yeah right, and size doesn’t matter either. A healthy sexual relationship with your partner is important for building other essential foundations including trust, companionship and overall intimacy. Intercourse is indeed not everything but overall sexuality very much can be. Holding hands, massages, kissing or playing with his hair can ignite and maintain a sexual spark all day. Don’t underestimate subtle body language either, like a stare from across the room or a brush up in a crowd. Sexy comes in many different forms so find your own and make it matter.

“True love lasts forever”
From classic mythologies to more modern monarchies, lovers have stayed true to each other most often in death. Sacrificing one’s life to be with the one you love is a common theme found in both life and art. Queen Victoria mourned Prince Albert by wearing black for 40 years, Orpheus travelled to the underworld to bring back Eurydice and Juliet had no problem stabbing herself at fourteen years old. Tragedy goes hand in hand with true love since it’s inevitable you’ll get hurt when you love something so much. The truth is, love is not enough and you have to work with it to make it count. Time and luck can keep you alive and on earth but you still have to take care of yourself and your relationship if you want either to last.

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