Introducing White Into Your Wardrobe

As the clocks move forward, so does the fashion world, and with the end of international fashion weeks, it’s time to adopt those spring trends you’ve heard about since after Christmas. The first? A certain shade worn only from spring to Labour Day (although we all know that’s a myth), that contrasts the season’s infatuation with brights. Here’s our tips on how to wear white.

Start Small

If you’re normally one to wear blacks, greys or browns, adopt white as your new favourite neutral and begin by blending it into the rest of your wardrobe. Crisp white button-ups may seem like the safe answer to donning the shade, but worn with light brown trousers and oxford shoes, you’ll be exuding the freshness of spring without boasting a full-blown dress. The same rule applies to tanks, t-shirts and even accessories: a white bag, a white scarf or even white sunglasses can help ease you into the simplicity of white without making you feel totally out of your comfort zone.


Of course, if you’re one to plunge into fashion risks, it’s safe to assume you’re willing to make a statement with your wardrobe “ and we’re not just talking about when you wear white. This season, Calvin Klein brought back the minimalist palette of the 1990s with white silk dresses, and Alexander Wang took note of the season’s free-flowing aesthetic with pajama-inspired pantsuits. True, some outfits may be better reserved for a night out than a day at the office, but if you mix and match 2011’s risks with the staple pieces that survive every season, you can stay stylish without looking overtly trendy. 

Single Pieces

Like any pattern, print or colour, it can be easiest to carry off a look by wearing only one piece that sums up several of the season’s favourites, and luckily most designers understand the importance of killing two proverbial birds with one stone. Michael Kors successfully combined white with sheer fabrics and pleated pants, while Derek Lam’s long-sleeve dresses maintained the silhouettes of the 1970s with crisp white shades that are perfect for the office, afternoons out or even dressed up for dinner. Simple and understated, white dresses, skirts and even pantsuits can easily be carried into late summer and will likely be your life raft come the hot, sticky summertime “ which is especially perfect if you’ve only invested in a few key pieces.


The most practical way to boast the season’s infatuation with fashion’s lightest shade, jackets and blazers are ideal in channeling white without adapting your whole wardrobe to suit a single trend. While white blazers look especially sharp with white trousers or a pencil skirt, they can look equally bold worn with a grey t-shirt and high-waited pants “ or with bright colours like indigo and purple to establish colour blocking. White leather coats (as per Joseph Altuzarra’s collection) can also add a particular edge, and keep your ensemble from looking too harsh if you’re not one to channel a stereotypical rock ˜n roll aesthetic. 


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