Dating – Are you putting up with too much?

The big bad world of dating can be, dare I say, fun? But the fun quickly fades into thin air when things start to not make much sense anymore. If you’re spending more time wondering what’s going on then actually making plans, you may be putting up with more than you should. Here’s how to tell:

1. If things aren’t making logical sense, something is wrong. Attraction is simple. Two people like each other and therefore want spend time together. If that’s not happening with a regularity that seems reasonable, you might be wasting your time on someone that isn’t blown away by you. And wouldn’t you rather be with someone that can’t wait to see you again?

2. If she or he keeps telling you they are busy with work/kids/school/family and doesn’t have much time on his or her hands, you’re putting up with too much. Who wants to be yet another item added to a busy to-do list?

3. If he or she doesn’t do what they say when they said they’d do it , it’s not right. Sure, things slip here and there and we all forget stuff, but if more often then not the person doesn’t call when they say or do what they promised, thank your lucky stars you noticed it early and move on.

4. Lying. Of any kind. Need we say more? From the first one, you’ve tolerated more than enough.

5. Extreme lateness. Remember, you’re still in the new, ‘sunshine and rainbows’ phase of a budding relationship when both people are eager to show the best of themselves. If the person you are dating is chronically late and by a lot, it’s not worth the wait. Old habits die hard and the way someone operates is tough to change.

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