Creative Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend You Love Him

Has your boyfriend recently been doing everything just right? Have you found that he has really been there when you need him, or just been very thoughtful, caring or attentive of late? If so, take the time to let him know how much you appreciate him, to really say how much you love him and thank him for everything he does. Are you looking for a creative way to express your gratitude to your boyfriend (no, not THAT way!)? Think about what’s meaningful to him, and remember to focus on what’s special and different “ his smile, his thoughtfulness, his, ahem, other skills. Then try one of the ideas below.

Use a video to thank him.
You can even make this a little sexy, but don’t go over the edge with that “ remember Paris Hilton. Create a short video telling him just how much he is appreciated as a boyfriend and give him a big, creative thanks for all he does.

Hand-written thank you note.
Anyone can text or e-mail a thanks, but if you take the time to write a real note thanking your boyfriend he will be especially touched. Taking the time to write out your thoughts and put them in an envelope for him to open is a creative, caring way to thank your boyfriend.

Bake him cookies.
If your boyfriend likes cookies, bake him a dozen of his favorite and put them in a nice box or basket. Add a bow and tuck in a note thanking him for being such a great boyfriend, then leave it on  his front steps or anywhere else he’ll find it (but quickly, so the neighbor’s dog doesn’t eat them.)

Cook his favorite meal.
Just like the cookies, taking the time to cook his favorite meal tells your boyfriend that you take the time to notice his likes and dislikes. Add this to your saying thank you and he’s sure to be pleased. Invite him over and have the meal waiting for him to sit down and eat. He’s sure to know how much you appreciate him after that!

Thank you photo in a special frame.
If you have a great picture of the two of you, use that, but he’ll love a picture of just your sexy self, too. For fun have a picture taken holding a sign that says thank you. Then put it in a nice frame and wrap it up. A digital frame with a series of pictures is another creative way to thank your boyfriend.

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