Callin’ it Quits at Work

Everyone (well, like Oprah) will tell you that a happy-go-lucky life includes loving what you do. Of course O thinks this “ she’s got it made right? Well, some of us aren’t as fortunate. A lot of us end up feeling trapped because we’ve become insanely uncomfortable yet comfortable in our current position because “ let’s face it “ the paycheque feeds us.

Taking the next step and quitting your job can feel like a daunting leap, so how do you know when it’s really time to let go of where you are and walk the plank of quitting and hunting (side note “ hunt before you quit “ unless it’s for um, insanely serious reasons “ if that’s the case, call HR and report them)?

Even your distant relatives know you hate your job:
If you can’t stop talking to anyone that will listen about how much you despise current occupation or work place, than it’s likely time you take some serious steps to make some changes. Forget talking to relatives, friends, the wall “ and chat up someone who has likely been where you are. Approach someone in a similar field with more experience and tell them how you are feeling “ perhaps they can lend some personal advice about how they felt while in your position. If that doesn’t help “ and you gain absolutely no insight and just re-confirm how much you hate it “ it’s time.

The spark is gone:
If you are no longer excited by the work you are doing and completely lack any motivation to come up with innovative ways to make it more interesting “ it’s time. Feeling uninspired can be a slippery slope and is most certainly the reason why you wake up depressed every morning thinking of a new way to get out of having to even show up.

Every other part of your life is taking a toll:
If you do enjoy what you are doing, or a self-proclaimed work-a-holic, or know that this is your means to a better end (working up food chain is gonna suck sometimes), than having to make personal sacrifices in other life departments makes sense. But if you are slowly watching your mental health, your personal life, and your basic will to live flush down the can “ and it’s for a job you don’t even know you want to continue you – it’s time.

Figuring out what you want to do can be overwhelming:
If you continue to move around and feel things out then perhaps you’ll be just as successful and happy as Op’s. If you checked yes to all three, maybe it’s time to update your resume.

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