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Budget-Friendly Date Ideas

Great romantic dates that save money

Everyone is looking for ways to save money these days, even when it comes to dating. If you and your guy are trying to stay on a budget, there are plenty of ways to do so while keeping the romance alive. Below are some fun and romantic ways to spend a date while saving money at the same time.

Watch a movie at home.
Pop your own popcorn, pour your own drinks, and put on a flick. This is so much cheaper than a theater and filled with plenty of opportunities for snuggling and other activities not allowed in public.

Go out for lunch instead of dinner.
The prices for lunch are usually lower than those for dinner, so you can still go to your favorite restaurants, just a little cheaper. This is also a great way to try out new cuisines for a lower cost. Many great restaurants offer lunch deals that are a great way for you and your date to save money.

Many museums have low cost or even no cost admissions, a great place to spend a date without spending too much. This is a great way to spend some pleasant quality time together, getting to know each other better while you admire art, dinosaur bones, or whatever you happen across.

Watch the sunrise.
Plan to get up early and meet someplace quiet (a park, an empty field, your backyard¦). Bring a picnic basket with a thermos of coffee and some muffins, then snuggle on a blanket and watch the sun come up together. A very low cost yet romantic date for the two of you.

Be natural.
Feed the ducks, walk through a park, do some bird watching. This is a free activity that will give the two of you some time to walk and talk together in peaceful surroundings. A lovely date that is practically free.

This is very romantic and fun. Download some star charts, pack a picnic basket with wine, cheese and blankets, and head for the stars. Similar to watching a sunrise together, you’ll want to pick some place quiet where you can admire the stars (and each other.) Don’t forget your bug candle for this money saving romantic date.

Local events.
Concerts in the park, wine tastings, high school plays or sports “ all great ways to save money on a date. The events that are offered in your community are probably numerous and varied, you just need to do a little exploring into what’s available.

Board games.
Challenge each other to a game of Sorry or Monopoly, and vary the stakes to make it more interesting. Also try out card games (strip poker anyone?) All it costs it the price of a pack of cards, and you probably already own those. A great money saving date that is still packed with fun.

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6 responses to “Budget-Friendly Date Ideas”

  1. Great ideas! I really like the watch a movie at home and natural one, and it’s so true that lunch is less expensive than dinner!
  2. Great ideas! I really like the watch a movie at home and natural one, and it’s so true that lunch is less expensive than dinner!

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