Best Bachelorette Party Themes

Your best friend is tying the knot and she has asked you to be her number one girl through the whole planning process. You’ve helped her tie ribbons, send invitations, plan her seating chart and choose dresses. You’ll stand beside her, fix her train, hold her bouquet and sign as a witness when she says her “I dos.” Big responsibilities!

The maid of honour has another all-important responsibility too – and, secretly, many people consider this to be the most important job – planning the bachelorette party. You have to send your bud off in style!

Now, any party with your gal pals will be great, but if you want to spice things up a little, you may want to plan a themed bachelorette bash. Try:

Karaoke Stars

If the bride to be is a karaoake superstar, up the ante by renting a karaoke bus to take you around for the night. You can do all the classic club hopping and games associated with bachelorette madness, but in between stops you’ll be able to belt out your favourite ballads on a bus – and your only audience is everyone you’re traveling with. Have every guest dedicate one song to the bride-to-be.

Real Housewives of…

If you’re fans of the Real Housewives shows, take all their extreme craziness as inspiration and apply it to your big night out – everything except the catfights, that is. Book a limo to take everyone for glamour shots before you go out for the night, then hand out big, fake jewelry and feather boas and sip champagne on your way to the “it” spot of the night.

Country Cowgirls

Yee Haw! Pull on your western boots and plaid tops and hit your local country bar. Line dance the night away and see how many cowboys you can rope in to dancing with the bride. Bonus points for hitting a bar with a mechanical bull and snapping pics of the soon-to-be-Mrs riding it with a veil trailing behind her!

Cosy Cottage

Whether you actually escape for a weekend to a cottage in the woods or you recreate it at home with a backyard fire, s’mores and comfy clothes, this approach is a little more laid back than the others. Stay in, play games and focus on each other in a more private space, rather than out at a club. You can invite someone in for a shopping experience – think lingerie or sex toys, and everyone contributes to a gift for the bride – or take it easy on your own. Food, drinks and friends, what more do you need?!

Other theme starting points: Vegas, burlesque, disco, movie stars (try having everyone dress as the female halves of famous couples), Disney princesses… the list goes on. You can also have guests dress up as something that starts with the same letter as the bride’s name (so if her name is Catherine, you could have everything from a carpenter to a cat, a crossing guard to captain… you’ll be surprised how creative people can get). Plus, you can incorporate a treasure hunt or to-do list into any theme.

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