The Benefits of Going for a Guy Who’s Not Your Type

Almost every woman has a type of guy she prefers to date, sometimes without even knowing it. Some women like men in suits, some prefer blue-collar guys. Some girls like smooth talking men, and of course, every woman falls at least once for the bad boy (try not to exclusively date this type.) But every now and then it’s good for a girl to think outside the box, as they say. This means turning your attention to a guy who really isn’t your type. If you prefer jocks, take a second look at the computer guy in your office. If you like your men really tall, give men who aren’t as towering a chance. The point is to take a chance and have a date or two with someone you normally wouldn’t. Who knows how it might turn out? Below are some reasons you should try it.

Your relationship may have a better chance. When you have a type of guy, you might not realize you’re attracted to what you hope or perceive he is, not who he actually is. This can lead to heartbreak on both of your parts, as you have expectations that he’s not even aware of before you even meet him!

There are a lot more opportunities to meet and date guys. By only dating a certain type of guy you have shut off entire categories of men (divorced, under six feet, unable to play golf.) Throw that checklist in the trash and open the door to hundreds of men that previously didn’t make the cut.

New adventures. Dating outside your type may mean you meet guys who like to do things you never experienced. If you usually only date sports fans a new type of guy may introduce you to skydiving, or some adventure you’ve never even thought of experiencing.

Friends who are your type. Even if dating a guy who is not your type turns out to not work out, he may have friends who are your type. So if the relationship doesn’t work, it might lead to a relationship that does. More than one Mr. Right has been met by dating one of Mr. Right’s friends first. 

It can break the bad boy cycle. If you find yourself dating bad boy after bad boy, dating outside of your type is the perfect way to break this bad-for-you habit. Make a list of the characteristics you usually look for (black leather jacket, hangs out in bars, usually unemployed) and then try dating a guy that doesn’t have a single one of those characteristics.

If all else fails. When Mr. Right turns out to be the type of guy you’ve been dreaming of since you were ten, it’s all the sweeter for knowing you gave other types of guys a chance. After all, that’s only fair.   

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