Are You Too High-Maintenance?

Do you often feel wronged or irritated when others are ignorant of your feelings? Has anyone ever told you to suck it up, Princess? Do the majority of your stories end with a tragic Can you believe he/she did/said that to me? We have all had these moments, but for the true diva, being self-centered is a way of life.
Take this simple quiz to determine whether you’re veering dangerously into Mariah Carey territory, or confirm that you’re as cool and detached as Heidi Klum bidding her weekly Auf Wiedersehen to tearful designer wannabes:

1) The coffee shop gave you a lemon scone when you specifically asked for a lemon square¦ but you didn’t realize it until you opened the bag later at work. You:
a) Call the shop to complain, and ask for a replacement if you return the offending treat on your way home.
b) Eat it, but complain to every co-worker within earshot, and make multiple outraged phone calls to friends about your misfortune.
c) Trade it to a grateful colleague bored of her own homemade banana-chip muffin.

2- Your newly wedded girlfriend confides, when prodded, that she and hubs are starting a family asap because she doesn’t want to be an “old mom”.  You:
a) Rant behind her back about the bride’s insensitivity in sharing her baby news, considering you are the same age.
b) Tell her that she better find someone else to plan the baby shower, you’re beyond exhausted from celebrating other people’s milestones.
c) Make a mental note to book that winery tour soon while she can still partake.

3- Your recent Ex-boyfrend’s buddy ˜unfriends’ you on Facebook.  You:
a) Send your Ex a furious email demanding to know why he is poisoning his friends against you.
b) Delete your Ex and any friends you have in common, experience instant regret, and re-send friend requests to all. 
c) Concede that you never actually exchanged a single personal message, so no great loss.

If you chose a or b more than once in this quiz, begin Diva penance immediately, Ms Dion! Invite any of your remaining girlfriends out to a fun bar and put a round of pomegranate mojitos on your own tab in appreciation for their tolerance of your drama. Show that you can think of others before yourself, and toast to becoming a better wing-woman.

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