7 Signs Your Relationship is Going Nowhere

Not sure if he’s Mr. Right? Read on to find out which seven clues are telling you to pack up and move on.

1. He Doesn’t Have Time for You

We get it – life is busy and it’s busy for everyone. And yes, there are certain jobs that do require more than just 40 hours a week. But the bottom line is that no matter how busy someone is, if they are committed to making the relationship work, they will make time for you, the way you do for them. If one of you isn’t willing to cut something else out of their schedule to make room for the relationship, it’s not very likely that it will last.

2. You’re Not on the Same Page About Having Children

Making the decision to have children or not to have children is a huge one. It’s a decision each person should make based on how they feel about having children individually, and not on what will please their partner. If you don’t both want children, that’s a deal breaker. No decision is wrong but it’s a very personal one and if the decisions between you and your partner conflict, it will cause some major problems down the line.

3. You’re Embarrassed of Him

If you are reluctant to admit to friends and family that you are dating this person, there’s a problem. It’s pretty difficult for a relationship to continue to grow and move into the next phase if one person is unsure of it all. If you don’t want to introduce your partner to your family and friends, ask yourself why.

4. You Can’t Trust Each Other

If you can’t trust one another, you need to evaluate why that is. If your partner has been disloyal in the past and given you reasons to doubt them, the relationship cannot progress in the way a relationship should. Trust is essential to a good relationship. If you can’t find a way to trust one another more, the relationship is likely to cause more anger and frustration than happiness, and fall apart.

5. You Stop Showing Each Other Affection

While some people may be more affectionate than others, if you notice one of you is showing less affection than they used to, it’s a cause for concern. It is normal to show somewhat less affection over time but if you or your partner seem completely disinterested in snuggling and cuddling, it may be time to re-evaluate how happy you are in the relationship.

6. One of You Constantly Asks for More “Space”

Space can be an issue that comes up from time to time, but it shouldn’t be a frequent discussion. If one of you constantly feels the need to have some space from the other, something in the relationship isn’t working. This isn’t to say that someone is doing something wrong or is at fault. Sometimes relationships just don’t work out and needing time away from your partner often is one sign yours may not be.

7. You Feel More Relaxed When You’re Apart

If you feel calm and more relaxed when you’re away from your partner, something’s definitely not right. While we could all use a little time to ourselves, coming home to a partner you are happy with should be your relaxation after a long, hard day, not an added stress. If you tense up when they’re around and long for time away from them, the relationship doesn’t have much chance of moving forward.

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