5 Ways to Survive Wedding Season Solo

All the single ladies, put your hands up! If you’ve just RSVPed to a flood of wedding invites sans guest, you’re not the only one. But wedding season doesn’t have to be a total drag without a date. Here are the top 5 things to ways to have fun (and not resent all of that mushy love stuff that’s going on).

1. Work your table.

This is not the time to shy ladies. Try treating it like a work social event since there’s bound to be people you’re sitting with that you don’t know. Ask a lot of questions, and get to know the people you are sitting with. Don’t judge, just because others are all couple-y doesn’t mean they’re less interesting. You never know “ you could befriend just the right person that has in’s at all the places you frequent when you aren’t trying to catch the bouquet on a Saturday afternoon.

2. Keep your liquor in check.

Having a few drinks is not a bad idea but make sure you aren’t the sloppiest one at the party. Treat the wedding like a pre-drink for the party you are attending next. Remember – tonight you are lacking a buddy – as a result you have no crutch to keep you up when you start to feel weak in the knees on the dance floor because that last shot of tequila went to your head.

3. Start the dance party.

You may be single at the wedding but stop thinking you’re an outcast. Get out on the dance floor and make the fun happen. Tip: dance with the grandparents. Although your two step looks incredibly fresh next to theirs “ when it comes to slow dancing – they have you beat. Not only will they take the lead, they will do so while telling adorable jokes and insanely cute stories.

4. Scope the single scene.

No one wants to get caught scanning the room for all of the other singles – but trust, you definitely aren’t the only one. Thanks to movies like Wedding Crashers – dudes are on the hunt when they attend alone. That said, take note of the cute ones and throw them some bait. Perhaps a cheeky comment like “i’ll fight you for the bouquet” might be just the thing you need to land a dance partner for the night.

5. Leave in good time.

You don’t not want to be the last person standing in the hall at the end of the night. Once you have successfully wooed your table – dazzled the dance floor – met a few people while grazing the midnight buffet – get going while the party is still hot. Weddings usually end around 1 – an exit 45 minutes prior to that is perfect.





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