The 5 People You Need at Your Holiday party

You have the food ready, the tables set and an outfit that is stunning and hostess approved. Yet, even with this formula for throwing the perfect party you’re still missing one thing. The people! Yes, having the right people at your holiday party is crucial to make it a success and you can by inviting these five different and quirky personalities.

The Walking iPod
Music is a must at holiday parties, so why not invite someone who knows how to mix the top 40s with Indie with every Christmas song imaginable? If you have a friend like this, ask them to play DJ and watch how they keep the party alive with their constant flow of tunes. If they don’t want to play DJ, don’t worry – still invite them anyways. It’s always good having a music aficionado on hand to entertain the crowd and tell them why they think the Mariah Carey 1994 Merry Christmas album still triumphs over all.

The Cultured Intellect
You know that friend who has traveled the world, or at least they hope to one day?  Invite them. And don’t make it an old ˜wish you could come’ casual invitation, I mean really tell them that they must come to your party or else. Cultured and worldly individuals are great to have at parties because they entertain guests by telling them about their 2-week Safari trip in Africa they took last year or they fill you with curiosity and informed opinion on why the world will end in 2020, not 2012. Either way, they are the best conversational starters and they’ll make sure your party is as clever as it is fun.

The Cool Outcast
Every party needs an oddball, or a more polite term an interesting person to keep things, well, interesting. But this isn’t you’re typical outcast that just sits in the corner eating out all the appetizers. No, this outcast is highly informed about a certain topic or issue like why the Star Wars trilogy is much better than the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Whatever they talk about, you’ll be sure that it is interesting even though it might seem odd.

The Socialite-in-Training
You can not, I repeat, cannot have a party without inviting a social butterfly a.k.a the socialite-in-training.  Not only do they have the ability to work the entire room with their charm, but they are valuable to have around when you want to find out the 411 on that newly single cute guy standing in the corner. They also make the party fun by adding a little hint of drama to everything they say and do. Just make sure you don’t invite more than two socialites-in-training or else you might get more drama then you were planning for.

The Girl or Guy Next Door
This is otherwise known as your BFF. They are the person that no matter how the party is going or no matter how horrible your tofu turkey turned out, they are there to support you and help you get through the night. They, unlike the others, also possess a strong likeable and upbeat personality that rubs off on your other guests and they always try to have a smile on their face. In essence, they’re perfect (to you anyways).

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