5 New Ways to Meet a Man

If your calendar’s been looking a little bare, you might want to broaden your dating horizons. And thankfully for the squeamish out there, getting a date doesn’t have to involve online profiles, name-tags, or 60-second timers.

First, think about what you actually like to do, then base your man-meeting mission around your own personality. That way, if you do meet Prince Charming, you’ll already know you share some of the same interests, and if you don’t, at least you’ll get something fun out of your venture. Plus, a structured club or class environment means that you’ll have a no-pressure excuse to talk to new people, and an easy escape when it’s over if no one catches your eye.

Find yourself in the following profiles and you may just meet your man.

Nature Lover: Appreciate a guy with a solid portage technique and flawless fire-making skills? Most cities have outdoor clubs that go on weekend hiking, camping, or canoeing jaunts. Unless you’re not sure about the prospect of a first-date sleepover…

Food Snob: If you don’t foresee your future Mr. Right choosing the cheapest merlot on the menu, hit up a wine tasting event and develop your palate. It’s also an easy one for picking out single guys, since most couples would be there together. Other foodie activities include cheese tasting and mushrooming.

Warrior Princess: If you like a man who’s not afraid of a little sweat, take a co-ed kickboxing class, or join a mixed sport team like Ultimate Frisbee or Dodgeball. It’s a little more in-your-face than small talk over cocktails, and some friendly competition is just fuel for the flirting-fire.

Woman with a Cause: Volunteering with a charity is a no-brainer. You’ll get to do something you care about, and meet a sweet dude with the same values that are important to you. For the politically-minded, this works equally well if you want to help out at a campaign office.

Intrepid Traveler: Always wanted to learn French? Sign up for a foreign language class and laugh over your terrible accents together. If he’s prepping for an upcoming adventure, it’s also a surefire way to find out if he’s single (So, who’s going on this trip?).

Shy Girl: Have you ever seen those ads that run in late-night commercial breaks? You’ll meet local guys in minutes, and girls call free! Just kidding.

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