5 Fictional Guys We Love

Whether you are happily in love or single and on the prowl, we can all identify with those guys from TV or movies that despite being fictional make us swoon just a tiny bit. We’ve put together a list of some of fave swoon worthy fictional dudes that we can’t help but love:

Don Draper (John Hamm): Women go crazy for Mad Men’s Don Draper because he’s the ultimate Man’s Man. High powered advertising executive by day, ladies man by night, Don oozes confidence and masculinity in every single take. You sense that he is a guy who has a presence whenever he walks into a room and can take control of any situation whether it’s in the boardroom or the bedroom. Sure, Don Draper is promiscuous with questionable morals however, we get the impression that his sexual dalliances aren’t the product of douchbagery but rather, a deep need to please every gorgeous woman who crosses his path. This sucks if you’re his wife but it’s awesome if you just happen to find yourself within the walls of Sterling Cooper (and who hasn’t at some point imagined yourself in some of those fabulous high waisted skirts?). Don lusts after beautiful women, which means we all have a chance. And, because Don exists in a time (the 1960’s) before guys started wearing things like skinny jeans, sweatpants, and American Apparel men’s line was still 45 years in the future, we’re able to somehow forgive some of Don’s questionable behavior because this guy knows how to rock a suit.

Edward Cullen (Robert Pattison):  There is a reason why grown women can’t get enough of this teen vamp from Twilight. Reading or watching Edward fall in love with Bella brings us back to the days of first love and/or the first guy we really, really liked. We identify with him because he reminds us of that really pale, slightly emo guy that we all went to high school with “the one who always had this really blank look on his face that we mistook for soulful eyes. However he was also reclusive, mysterious and possessed an air of danger (and possibly a supped up Camaro and juvie record). At some point we’ve all had a thing for a guy who was just not good for us. Edward is all of that and then some because he has the one thing that that guy in high school didn’t: a heart. His dangerous side (sucking blood) is overshadowed by his ability to love and fight for Bella’s honor. Through Edward we’re able to relive all those crazy feelings that went along with falling in love for this first time with the extra perk of a happy ending. However, I’m pretty sure that if a guy broke into our bedroom in real life just to watch us sleep the first thing that would come to mind wouldn’t be true love it would be restraining order.

Mr. Big (Chris Noth): Most women have at some point encountered a version of Mr. Big, Carrie’s long time man-friend on Sex and the City. We can identify with Mr. Big because he represents that one guy that we fell hard for despite the fact that he was emotionally unavailable. Mr. Big is dapper, rich, older and handsome. Also, it doesn’t hurt that like Don Draper, Mr. Big knows how to stay looking fresh. You’d never see Mr. Big walking down 5th Avenue in Dad jeans and white New Balance runners. That’s because Mr. Big is dapper in a truly old school, leading man kind of way. Even though he is a terrible boyfriend for the most part, cheats on his wife and eventually leaves the woman he loves at the alter there is something about him that remains likeable. He’s charming, he’s witty and he reveals just enough of his heart to keep us wanting more. Watching his love affair with Carrie gives us all hope that one day that unavailable guy will sweep us off our feet and give us the fairytale ending that we’ve been daydreaming about. But, beware “ the real life Mr. Big’s rarely follow you to France just to tell you, you’re the One. They remain exactly as we found them: unavailable.

Gerry Kennedy (Gerard Butler): If you’ve seen the movie P.S. I love you you’ll most likely remember (and may have possibly fallen in love with just a little bit) Holly’s (played by Hilary Swank) sexy Irish husband Gerry. It’s hard not to love Gerry “ he’s gregarious, goofy, has a sexy Irish accent and a heart of gold. Gerry first steals Holly’s heart by serenading her at a bar in Ireland.  Not only is Gerry gorgeous, he also sings and plays the guitar. And, did we mention the sexy Irish accent? Gerry’s only pit-fall is that he drops dead within the first half hour of the movie. But, Gerry manages to stay totally awesome even posthumous. Whereas most of us would be happy to receive any love letters from our guy, Gerry sends love letters from beyond the grave! We temporarily suspend our feelings that this is a tiny bit creepy because his letters are so sweet.  He encourages Holly to go out into the world and be the most authentic version of her self.  By the end of 90 minutes he has managed to convince us that love is eternal. What more could you ask for in a man?! (I mean, besides him actually being alive)

Aidan Shaw (John Corbett): We love Aidan, Carrie’s furniture designer boyfriend on Sex and the City because he is your quintessential all American, good, everyday guy. He’s very masculine yet sensitive and down to earth. Whereas Mr. Big enjoys sipping champagne in the back of a limo, we get the feeling that Aidan is perfectly content to hang out in a cabin in the woods drinking a beer. Also, there is something really sexy about guys who make things with their hands. Most of us would be happy if a guy made us a salad. Aidan makes CHAIRS. Beautiful Chairs. We love Aidan because he represents an idealized version of the one that got away or the one that we are yet to meet. When Carrie runs into him, carrying his newborn son, you can’t help but sense the collective cry of women’s uteruses everywhere. So, the lesson here is this: if you meet a real life Aidan, hang on tight and love him even more than you love the fictional one.

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