Zayn Malik Teams Up With Versace for His First Collection

Are you guys into hearing something spectacular? Good! (Also, I don’t care if you’re not, this is my house and I make the rules here, so that’s how it is.) Zayn Malik has been tapped to design a Zayn x Versus collection for Versace. Because for a fleeting moment in time, everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

The New York Times reports that the capsule collection will include men’s and women’s designs, and will see the singer working closely with Donatella herself.

“Versace is the rock and roll of the Versace family and has always been associated with music,” said Versace, backstage at London Fashion Week last month. “Everyone from the Foo Fighters to Lenny Kravitz has played at the shows, and it is all about rebellion. For me, Zayn was the perfect fit.”

Reportedly, she met Zayn with Harry Styles several years ago, and was intrigued by his quiet and/or mysterious spirit. (As we all were and are.)

“Many celebrities do clothing lines that just aren’t relevant,” Versace continued. “This one? It will be. He’s smart to do it with me.”

The collection will be available to buyers and the media in spring, and then will be released online and in Versus stores in May.

“I think Versus has always been a very cool brand and is a great brand for me and for people in my generation, Zayn wrote in an email (not to me). I’ve always wanted to design clothes and there’s no brand I’d rather design for than Versus. I like to learn about things I’m interested in and I enjoy being around creative people so I think it will be cool. The bonus is that I get to collaborate with Donatella, whom I love and admire. I know we’ll create something amazing.

I just can’t believe he didn’t tell me, his close personal friend and ally, first.

Zayn, if you can read this, please reach out immediately so I can make sure I take enough time to model for the collection’s debut.

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