Your Summer 2022 Reading List

By Sienna Vittoria Asselin

Summer is coming so be sure to grab a few new books to add to your beach bag, keep you amused en route to your next vacation, or just to enjoy on a lazy afternoon off. Whether you’re looking for a light read to help you escape the disaster that is Life in a Pandemic, or a thought-provoking historical novel to get you thinking, we’ve got a pick for you. Happy summer and happy reading!

By Sarah Priscus
If you’re like me and you can’t wait for the TV adaptation of Daisy Jones and the Six, this new seventies-era story set in the glittering world of rock ‘n’ roll will keep you content in the meantime. Groupies tells the story of Faun, a naïve college dropout and amateur photographer, who heads to LA, becomes enthralled by a famous band and the eclectic group of women that loyally follows them around, and finds herself tumbling into an increasingly dark and dangerous world.
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A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting
By Sophie Irwin
This Bridgerton-esque historical rom-com follows Kitty Talbot, a young woman determined to dominate the London Season and snag a rich husband to rescue her family from destitution. Full of clever turns and amusing moments, this novel will be sure to keep you pleasantly entertained.
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A Bit Much
By Sarah Jackson
This dark comedy follows Alice, a 24-year-old woman whose life is upside down—she lost her job, her appetite, her ability to sleep, and she is close to losing her closest friend, who is hospitalized with a serious illness. The novel follows their friendship, taps into relatable themes like insecurity and love, and has been likened to the works of Sally Rooney—so you know it’ll be worth a read.
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By Anna Maxymiw
This unique historical novel brings readers back to Montreal in the late seventeenth century, where a young woman named Minique, who is harbouring a secret that could upend her life, leaves everything behind and builds a home for herself deep in the woods. Her isolated existence is disrupted by the arrival of a Frenchman whose greed and ambition to dominate the fur trade in New France both repulses and intrigues her, and who becomes in turn drawn to her, determined to learn more about the “witch in the woods.”
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By Daisy Buchanan
This modern-day Devil Wears Prada career-girl story follows Imogen, who is nearly burnt out by the long hours at her magazine internship, writing a sex blog, and working double shifts at the pub, and Harri, the glamorous editor of Panache magazine, who gets a kick to the gut when she is passed over for a big promotion and instead taken off the masthead and assigned to launch a feminist site for young women. It seems like a match made in professional heaven—Imogen’s raunchy writing will get Harri the clicks she needs. But they soon realize that what’s at the root of their similarity is actually their unhealthy (and unrequited) love affair with their work.
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Book Lovers
By Emily Henry
And last but certainly not least, the reigning queen of the beach read (and my personal favourite rom-com writer) is back with another bookish love story. This one tells the story of Nora Stephens, a well-read, cutthroat literary agent and Charlie Lastra, a brooding editor that she keeps bumping into during her month-long small-town getaway with her sister.
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