The Met Gala 2017 Theme Has Been Announced

Oh, don’t act like you don’t care. (Because I am the Queen of that, and even I was like, “Oh HELLO” when I read about this.) The Met Gala theme for 2017 has been announced, and it is . . .

Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garé§ons.

Hell yes.

As reported by Vogue, Kawakubo will be the first living designer to be honoured since Yves Saint Laurent back in 1983, which is a huge deal and also deserved x a billion.

“Rei Kawakubo is one of the most important and influential designers of the past forty years,” said Andrew Bolton, curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. “By inviting us to rethink fashion as a site of constant creation, recreation, and hybridity, she has defined the aesthetics of our time.”

So now the countdown is on. On May 1, we’ll see the fruits of Bolton’s labour (note to selves: watch The First Monday in May as soon as you can), as well as the work of Kawakubo — who is an honourary chair alongside Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams and Anna Wintour.

But fret not if you can’t swing an invite to one of the biggest fashion events of the year (and other things I tell myself over and over again) — you can check out the exhibit as of May 4, which will feature 120 Comme des Garé§ons womenswear designs going back to 1981 and up to present day. It will also focus on the designer’s talent for “in-betweenness,” and the contrasts that define her work: East/West, male/female, past/present.

So: book off the night of May 1, nestle into a comfy seat (in front of your computer) and either raise a glass or sip tea in response to the attendees’ interpretation of the theme at hand. Granted, unlike last year — aka technology — there really isn’t room for error. You either wear one of Kawakubo’s designs, or you make a tragic and terrible mistake. Right?

Sure. I make the rules around here. And don’t any of you forget it. (Assuming Bolton and Wintour are reading this, which I 100% believe that they are.)

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