The Best #MelaniaTrumpQuotes on the Internet

Yesterday Melania Trump was just your average Slovenian model married to a Republican presidential nominee, but this morning everything changed. I mean she’s still a Slovenian model married to a Republican presidential nominee but this morning she has her own hashtag. And you know what that means” an absolute Twitter demolition derby.

After it dawned on people last night that Melania Trump had plagiarized parts of her speech from Michelle Obama, the internet went nuts. The news is filled with everything from videos that place the two speeches side by side, to conspiracy theories claiming the plagiarized speech was an inside job. But I’ve been too busy LOLing on Twitter to care. The hashtag #MelaniaTrumpQuotes has been providing some golden comedy nuggets for hours, highlights of which include” a photo of Melania posing in her gaudy Louis-IV-esque New York penthouse with the quote “I have a dream”, and her face photoshopped into the Obama family photos.

Because I am a giver,  I have taken time out of my busy schedule to give you the highlights of the #MelaniaTrumpQuotes. Don’t worry guys, I’m never going to give you up, never going to let you down (sorry I had to.)

1. The good old attributing-a-famous-quote-to-Meliana-Trump tweet.


2.  Don’t get me started on the theory that Meliana Trump got “rickrolled”( the practice of inserting lyrics from the 1987 hit “Never Going to Give You Up” into unexpected places).


3. Seems plausible. Wouldn’t you cry for help if you referred to your husband as “The Donald”?


4. Michelle’s face though.


5. The photoshop work kills me. 10/10.



7. “Trump who?”


8. But seriously guys get off Melania’s back


9. I just don’t even know anymore…


10. And I’m out.

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