So Drake and JLo are Dating

So here’s a bit of good(ish, depending on who you are) news to end the garbage fire shit storm that is 2016: Drake and JLo are Instagram official. Late last night, both Champagne Papi and JLo (Champagne Mami?) shared a pic of the two of them cuddling and looking like the sexiest duo I’ve ever seen.

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While I’m still a little fuzzy on how the two hooked up and what their relationship statuses are at any given moment (I thought JLo was married? Or like engaged? Is that still a ring on her fourth finger on her left hand? I’M SO CONFUSED), it seems that in 2016, this is the best way to share to the world that one of the sexiest performers may or may not be dating another one of the sexiest performers.

Of course, to add more fuel to the rumour mill fire, Rihanna has allegedly unfollowed both of their accounts, which should really not come as a shock to anyone, because even RiRi knows that when you can’t escape your ex’s face on pretty much every TV, computer, smartphone and radio station, following them on Instagram is just not good for the soul.

Admittedly, I’m a little disappointed that Drake and JLo couldn’t make it work with their respective on-again-off-again love interests, but if this means that these two will be creating some sexy love-making music together (I used to dream of JLo dating Ja Rule so I could get more tunes like “I’m Real” and “Ain’t It Funny”), I’m so very there. And, you know, with all the bullshit that’s gone down this year, it’s nice that these two found love in a hopeless place (#sorrynotsorry).

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