RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3, Ep. 8: And The Winner of RuPaul’s Best Friend Race Is…

A SHOCKING TWIST crowns an unexpected winner.

Last night… on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3: The end is nigh as the final four queens participate in the most ambitious number in Drag Race herstory: dancing live and singing less-live in a single-take performance of RuPaul’s “Kitty Girl” in the glamorous concrete and cable wonderland that is backstage at Drag Race!

King of choreo Todrick Hall worked with Bebe Zahara Benet, Shangela, Kennedy Davenport and Trixie Mattel to create the kind of dance spectacle seen from legends such as Britney Spears: getting pushed around on set pieces and carried by backup dancers!

RuPaul declared them all amazing, perhaps anticipating that the SHOCKING TWIST (as seen on Survivor seasons 1 through 36) of bringing back the eliminated queens as a “jury of queer peers” to choose the top two would deliver more than enough reads. Suddenly the queen who had best balanced her drag with diplomacy held the advantage or, as Trixie put it, “This done had been RuPaul’s Best Friend Race.”

With superstars such as Shangela and Trixie in the mix, the exiled queens explained they wanted to crown a winner for whom the title would be something more than a lateral move. But it was still a shockeroo when Shangela, fan-favourite and noted fat-suit twerker, was left behind, along with haughty Drag Race non-fan Bebe Zahara Benet.

The top two, Kennedy and Trixie, participated in a heated Lipsync For Your Legacy to Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball.” Trixie cried, yanked out her wig hairs, and mournfully serenaded them, while Kennedy did slow dramatic splits and cartwheels.

In the end, Ru, burned by BenDeLaCreme’s voluntary withdrawal as well as Shangela’s shock exclusion from the top two, inducted Trixie Mattel into the Drag Race Hall of Fame, alongside Chad Michael and Alaska. But let’s be real, Queen of the All-Stars is a nice title and everything, but these runner-up trophies are also pretty fierce.  

Most Reminiscent Of John Leguizamo At The End Of To Wong Foo: Shangela
Shangela’s final runway look dispensed with concepts and comedy and delivered pure fishy glamour. Her fash-SHUN-y gown and over-the-top windswept blonde hair wouldn’t have been out of place on any red carpet (okay, maybe the Junos).

Worst Thing-That-Will-Never-Be: Shangela singing “A Moment Like This”
She mirrored her strategy after Daenerys Stormborn and delivered drag worthy of face-swapper Arya Stark. And yet Shangela was cast aside, with the jury queens implying she was already too popular to snatch the title of All-Star as well. “I’m already singing ‘A Moment Like This’ by Kelly Clarkson,” she admitted in her confessional.

Best Reason To Delete “Kitty Girl” From Your Phone: “Kitty Girl 2018”
If anyone knows where we can find a stream of “Kitty Girl” as performed by the Drag Race top four, hit a sister up. The Ru-vamped version of RuPaul’s 2017 song has never sounded fiercer, especially with Shangela’s Nicki-esque rap feature.

Most Likely To Solve “Watergate Part Two: Let’s Get Soaking Wet”: Aja
Of all the returning queens, the most invested in the process was Aja, whose sequin red dress accessorized with devil horns was very Elizabeth Hurley in Bedazzled. She fired the most pointed questions, including, but not limited to, “Who should have been eliminated to make a top three?” (Trixie answered Kennedy or Bebe, reading the mind of planet Earth).

The Mariah Carey Memorial Award For Choreographic Excellence: Bebe Zahara Benet
Blessings be to Ms. Bebe, who balked at Todrick Hall’s choreography—which was jumping into a man’s arms, a.k.a. the dream—because, “I’m afraid of heights.”

Final Thoughts: Shangela is the rightful winner of the season, but Ru has no one but herself to blame for this miscarriage of justice, having empowered a gang of bitter queens to pick the final top two.

See who the eliminated queens chose below!

What we will be seeing NEXT! WEEK! is season 10. Will Eureka O’Hara continue to stan for Lady Gaga through the Joanne era? Will guest judge Christina Aguilera show us how she burlesques…again??? Will Bob The Drag Queen’s drag daughter Miz Cracker just admit that Brie-on-a-Cracker is the name the fans deserve?

Find out on the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race: Season 10 on Thursday at 8 PM E/P on OUTtv.

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